Mission, Vision and Values


Academic advising within the College of Education and Community Innovation (CECI) is a collaborative partnership between students, faculty, and staff committed to developing meaningful educational plans aligned with students' values, goals, and interests. We engage students as active participants in their educational experience and empower them to successfully navigate the university in pursuit of their personal, academic and professional goals.

Vision and Values

We value…

  • Individuals. 
    • We strive to create and sustain relationships with students, faculty, and staff built on mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance that each person has unique backgrounds, abilities, values, and goals.
    • We strive to honor each student’s story and appreciate that the educational process is a personal journey. As part of that process, we are committed to listening to and meeting students where they are and assisting with the development of educational plans
  • Connections:
    • We strive to challenge students to take risks and engage in different types of learning opportunities and to support them in making meaning of the connections between their educational experiences, in and out of the classroom.
    • We strive to connect students with colleagues within our college, the university, and the greater community who have the experience & expertise to provide relevant information, guidance and support as they pursue their educational goals
  • Education:
    • We strive to help students find the value, purpose, and potential of higher education by viewing their curriculum as a whole to understand how university and major requirements prepare them to participate in the world.  
    • We strive to empower students to accept personal responsibility for the pursuit of their educational and career goals.  
    • We strive to bring awareness to and assist students in the navigation of policies, procedures, and requirements
  • Inquiry & Innovation:
    • We strive to develop and employ creative problem solving strategies
    • We strive to be a leader in our profession by engaging in professional enrichment opportunities; supporting active learning through publications, presentations, and involvement in professional organizations; and utilizing best practices advancing our programs and services
  • Integrity:
    • We strive to be strong advocates and mediators while also being conscientious institutional representatives
    • We strive to represent the university in an ethical way adhering to the institution's policies, procedures, and interpretation of applicable laws 

CECI Advising Center Goals

  • Assist undergraduate students with declared majors or minors in the College of Education and Community Innovation with the development of appropriate educational plans to meet their academic, career, and life goals

  • Encourage students to seek out diverse educational experiences, both within and outside of the classroom, to enhance the student’s learning and academic development

  • Inform students about the available programs, services, and university resources to support academic success. As necessary, make appropriate referrals to other advising staff, faculty, programs, or support services throughout the university.

  • Monitor the academic progress of undergraduate students with declared majors or minors in the College of Education and Community Innovation and provide intentional advising assistance and support.

  • Provide ongoing, consistent, communication, training, and development for faculty and staff within the College of Education and Community Innovation

Page last modified October 3, 2022