Outstanding Instructor Award

The College of Education and Community Innovation Outstanding Instructor Award honors an individual who excels at developing students in the classroom, preparing them to be well-rounded and high-quality professionals.

Award Eligibility

Full-time affiliate, visitor, and administrative professional (AP) faculty

Award Criteria

This award is based on the following criteria, which are not ranked by order of importance or exhaustive:

  • Ability to demonstrate resourcefulness and expand on textual material, applying scholarly research to classroom instruction.
  • Evidence of being current in the field and the ability to demonstrate the relevancy of course material.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate enthusiasm in the classroom.
  • Demonstration of innovation and flexibility, an ability to stimulate intellectual curiosity and challenge students.
  • Demonstration of a commitment to student learning as an instructor, role model, or positive influence on the career development of students.
  • Reflects on past teaching experience and feedback to improve current practice.

Page last modified February 23, 2024