Vegan & Vegetarian Dining

Laker Food Co. works hard to ensure all dietary preferences have dining options. Over 50% of dining options on campus offer a vegan/vegetarian meal or can be customized to your preferences.

Questions or meal ideas? Please contact Tabor, Laker Food Co. Dietitian, at [email protected] or 616-331-8989.

A vegan burger.

A vegan Tofu Bacon Avocado Burger served at Kleiner. 

Chef James holding a vegan fish entree.

Vegan Fish entree at Fresh Food.

The Impossible Breakfast Sandwich with an iced black coffee.

The Impossible Breakfast Sandwich with an iced black coffee from Starbucks.

Nutrition icons

Vegan icon


Our vegan selections contain no animal products of any kind. In addition, vegan items can not include dairy, eggs, or honey.

Vegetarian icon


Our vegetarian selections contain no meat, fish or poultry. Vegetarian and Vegan selections now make up over 30% of our menus.

Plant-forward icon


Plant-forward is a style of cooking and eating that emphasizes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. 

Eat well icon

Eat Well

Our Eat Well selections contain nutritionally dense whole foods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, beans, lean protein) and are lower in calories, saturated fat and sodium.

Made with whole grains icon

Made with Whole Grains

Made with Whole Grains selections comprise over 15% of menu items on our residential dining menus through the semester.

For more nutrition icon info, visit the Food Allergies page.

Page last modified May 28, 2024