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Benefits of working for Laker Food Co.


Work on campus between classes and activities, and never lose your parking spot.

Free Food
Earn free Meals based on the hours you work.

We'll work around your class schedule.

Wages are competitive with other GVSU student jobs.


Part-time Positions
Work a maximum of 25 hours per week during the academic year.

There are many positions campus-wide to choose from. You can work where you like to eat!

Summer Employment
If you stay near campus during the summer, you have the opportunity to continue your employment through the summer with the option of working up to 40 hours per week.


Management Opportunities
For those who excel, advancement to student management positions is possible.

Career Opportunities
For those who enjoy working with food, job opportunities may exist with our company after graduation at GVSU or other campuses nationwide.

Work Study Option
You are not required to have work study, but if you need to participate in the work study program, we'll coordinate with Student Employment to ensure that you are meeting your work study requirements.

To Start Working...

Step 1: Authorization/Schedule

Your Restaurant Manager will give you a signed authorization sheet outlining your schedule.

Step 2: Human Resources

Visit Laker Food Co. Human Resources in 100 Commons. The Human Resources hours are 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Make sure to bring your signed authorization sheet and two forms of identification.

Step 3: Documents

The I-9 Form is crucial to your employment with Laker Food Co. This form is required by law, and serves as proof of your eligibility to work in the United States You will not be able to start working until this form is completed. They must be the original documents. Photocopies or faxes CANNOT be accepted. 

Please bring the following:

Picture ID (Student ID or Driver's License) + Social Security Card OR

Picture ID (Student ID or Driver's License) + Birth Certificate OR

Only your Passport

Step 4: Meal Benefit

All Laker Food Co. Student Employees receive a Meal Benefit based on the number of scheduled hours. The more you work, the more Meals you earn. Meals are adjusted every 2 weeks based on the hours worked of the last pay period. Hours worked for the pay period are divided by 2 and then the correct number of meals are added/adjusted on the students ID This grid shows the Meal Benefit breakdown. If you have questions about employee meal adjustments, please stop by 100 Commons. Bring your pay stub and Student ID.

Weekly Hours Worked

Weekly Meals

4 – 7.99


8 – 15.99


16 – 25


Page last modified August 9, 2022