Food Allergies

True Balance Inside The Dish at Kleiner

Laker Food Co. works hard to ensure students have safe dining options. True Balance is an all-you-care-to-eat station that is allergen friendly and does not have any of the top 9 allergens, including wheat/gluten, soy, eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame. This station has separate prep space, cooking equipment, dishwasher, and utensils to reduce the risk of cross contact. Our goal is to provide safe and healthy choices for students while on campus. 

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Registered Dietitian Alyssa, holding a plate of food in front of True Balance.
MyFresh Pantry upstairs in Fresh Food Co.

MyFresh Pantry Inside Fresh Food Co. at Commons

MyFresh Pantry is located inside Fresh Food in Upper Level Commons. This self-served allergen station is stocked with specialty products including separate utensils, cutting boards, microwave, toaster, and a waffle iron. There are individually packaged food products to reduce cross-contact.  

Allergen icons

wheat icon


Wheat is the nation’s predominate grain product, and therefore found in many aspects of dining locations. Students are advised to use caution or avoid restaurants where wheat or breaded foods are used on the menu. Students can find made-without-gluten menu items at Fresh Food Company, The Dish, Fusion, Connection, POD Stores & Pew Campus Locations.

Egg icon


Eggs are present in many bakery items, mayonnaise, and some salad dressings. Students with an egg allergy are advised to avoid these and use caution with meatloaf, meatballs, and pasta.

Peanut icon


Peanut butter is served in some dining locations and found in some bakery selections. Students with a peanut allergy are advised to take caution with bakery items and other areas within restaurants that may be serving peanuts.

Tree nut icon

Tree Nut

Tree nuts may be present in select bakery items. Students with this allergy are advised to take caution with bakery items that contain coconut, coconut milk, or hazelnut, and dishes containing pesto.

Shellfish icon


Shellfish, including shrimp and imitation crab, are occasionally on the menu. While separate utensils are used for each food item to reduce the risk of cross contact, notify the employee preparing your meal of your food allergy so extra precautions can be taken.

Fish icon


Restaurants occasionally feature fish entrées. Students with this allergy should avoid these and other dishes which may contain fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, curry paste, or Caesar dressing.

Milk icon


Alternative milks are available at Fresh Food Company, The Dish, the convenience stores, and coffee shops. If you are unsure if an item contains milk, butter, or cheese, please ask the manager for verification.



Tofu, soy sauce, and other soy-containing ingredients can be found in menu items. Soybean oil is present in the cooking and frying oil that Laker Food Co. uses. Studies have shown highly refined soy oil is safe to consume with a soy allergy, but if a medical professional has indicated a severe allergy, consider alternate options.

Sesame icon


Sesame may be used as a  topping or for flavor and spice. Students with a sesame allergy are advised to take caution with crackers, breads, burger buns, salads, cereal bars, and avoid items such as tahini and hummus.

Gluten icon


Our Gluten icon indicates that this food contains gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley.

More nutrition icons can be found on the Vegan & Vegetarian page.


Our daily menus are available on the Laker Food Co. website at Laker Food Co. - Hours & Menus. Reading menus before going to dining centers can help you feel more confident in knowing your options. If you have questions about menu items, ask the staff or the Registered Dietitian.  


 Please contact the Laker Food Co. Registered Dietitian at  [email protected] or (616) 331-8989. Students with documented food allergies or Celiac disease are also encouraged to contact GVSU's Disability Support Resources at [email protected] or (616) 331-2490.  

Page last modified May 8, 2024