Sustainability: Waste Sorting

Sorting made easy!

Sustainability is important at GVSU! Do your part to reduce waste going to the landfill by taking a moment to sort your waste.

Waste sorting stations are located at all dining locations.

Poster showing the 3 waste categories (Compost, Recycling, Landfill) and which items belong in each category, also listed below
Compost materials


Composting is the process of recycling organic waste material into natural fertilizer. Pre and post consumer composting is available at all Laker Food Co restaurants.

Compostable Waste Items:

  • Food scraps
  • Laker Food Co. Cups, Lids, Straws, Utensils, Napkins, Wooden stirrers
  • Pizza boxes (food residue is ok)
  • Compostable items with these symbols: BPI Compostable, Eco Products, #7 PLA
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Recycling materials


Single-stream recycling is available campus-wide. Look for a designated recycling bin at dining locations. All items must be rinsed out, clean, and dry.

Recyclable Waste Items:

  • Clean Plastic: Bottles, Cups, Lids, Containers with recycle symbol #1-7
  • Clean Aluminum Cans
  • Clean Cardboard items: Coffee cups, Sleeves, Boxes
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Landfill materials


Landfill streams are reserved for waste that cannot be recycled or composted. We provide composting and recycling to minimize the amount of waste needed to go to landfill.

Landfill Waste Items:

  • Chip bags, Foil wrappers, Plastic films
  • Styrofoam, FoodService Gloves
  • Dirty Plastics with food or liquid residue

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