Sustainability: What We're Doing on Campus

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Engrained: Certified Green Restaurant

Laker Food Company is proud to earn a 3 Star Green Restaurant Certification for the sustainability efforts at Engrained.

Waste Management

  • Composting is the process of recycling organic waste material into natural fertilizer. Pre- and post-consumer composting is available at all Laker Food Company restaurants.
  • Single-stream recycling is available campus-wide. Look for a designated recycling bin at dining locations.
  • Landfill streams are reserved for waste that cannot be recycled or composted. We provide composting and recycling to minimize the amount of waste needed to go to landfill.
  • Items that belong in each waste stream can be found on the respective trash bin.
  • Learn more about Waste Sorting.

Sustainable Products

  • Coffee and tea brands, including Java City, Starbucks, Bewley's and Tazo offer Fair Trade Coffee and Tea.
  • Fair Trade chocolate, dried tropical fruit, ice cream, sugar and tea are available.
  • Compostable disposable-ware is utilized as often as possible. This includes plates, bowls, lids and napkins made of sugar cane, biodegradable cups, corn-based cutlery and portion cups made from natural and renewable products.
  • All sub-contracted food service providers of Laker Food Company must, at a minimum, comply with Laker Food Company’s guidelines with respect to composting food waste and providing compostable or otherwise recyclable service ware.

Social Efforts

  • Laker Food Company partners with the Michigan Department of Transportation to participate in Adopt-a-Highway. Employee volunteers clean up a 2-mile section of I-196 three times a year to make Michigan's highways beautiful.
  • Participation with Sustainability Week and the Sustainable Chef Challenge.
  • Participation in GVSU Farmer's Market and Farm to Table.
  • Partnership with the SAP where employees volunteer time to the farm efforts and agree to purchase produce from the farm whenever possible.


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Sustainability Manager

Portrait of Allysa Babcock

If you have further questions about the sustainability efforts of Laker Food Company, please reach out to our Sustainability Manager:

Allysa Babcock

Phone: (616) 331-8636

Email: [email protected]

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