MyFresh Pantry Inside Fresh Food Co.

Campus Dining works hard to ensure students have safe dining options. MyFresh Pantry is located inside The Fresh Food Co. in Upper Level Commons. This self-served allergen station is stocked with speciality products including separate utensils, cutting boards, microwave, toaster, and a waffle iron. There are individually packaged food products to reduce cross-contact. 

Questions? Please contact the Campus Dining Registered Dietitian at or (616) 331-8989. Students with documented food allergies or Celiac disease are also encouraged to contact GVSU's Disability Support Resources at or (616) 331-2490. 

MyFresh Pantry upstairs in Fresh Food Co.
Bakery items in the cooler.
Allergen Free Equipment.
Fresh meals inside the cooler inside Fresh Food Co.

Allergen Solutions Inside Kleiner Marketplace

Kleiner Marketplace is home to the Allergen Solutions cooler, a self-serve station where specialty allergen products are stored and separate equipment for preparation is used to minimize cross contact. It offers meals that extend beyond gluten and dairy and are made without the top 8 major allergens. This station offers individually, pre-packaged allergen meals in microwavable containers, available to all students. 

Page last modified September 20, 2021