How it Works & FAQ

How it Works

The barcode on the back of your student ID is scanned and identifies your account when you make a purchase.


Meals are included in eight of the ten meal plans. You can use a Meal for all-you-care-to-eat dining at Fresh Food Co. and/or to purchase Meal Combos (predetermined meal items) at various locations. One Meal will be subtracted from your account. You can use up to 4 meals per day using a weekly Meal Plan (exception: Unlimited Fresh Plan).  If you have a semester plan, you can use Meals at your discretion.

Dining Dollars

All Plans include Dining Dollars to use in Campus Dining restaurants, coffee shops and C-Stores. Purchase beverages, snacks, or meals with Dining Dollars. It's like a debit card; each time a purchase is made, the amount is subtracted from your account. You can add Dining Dollars throughout the semester.

Which Plan to Choose

Visit our Choosing a Plan guide for more detailed Plan breakdowns based on where you live.

Choose Unlimited Fresh, 14+, 10+ 

  • Traditional Style Living Centers* (Copeland, Kistler, Robinson, Holton-Hooker)
  • Suite Style Living Centers* (DeVos, Kirkpatrick, Maple, Oak, Pew, Pickard, Pine, Seidman, Stafford, Swanson)

*Students in these living areas are required to select a Meal Plan and will automatically receive a 14+ plan as part of their Housing contract.

Choose any Plan except 3+ or Express

  • Apartment Style Living Centers* (Frey, Hills, Hoobler, Johnson, Ott, North C, Weed)

Students in these living areas may choose any plan except the 3+ or Express Plan.

Choose any Plan

  • On-Campus Apartments (Calder Art Residence, Grand Valley Apartments, Laker Village, Murray, Niemeyer East & West, Secchia, South C/D/E, VanSteeland, Winter Hall)
  • Off-Campus and Commuter Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Meal Plans activate on Monday, August 23, 2021. Classes start on Monday, August 30, 2021.

Yes! You can change your Fall Meal Plan beginning Tuesday, June 8, 2021 through the first week of Fall classes, Friday, September 3, 2021 at 5pm. During the change period, look for the Meal Plan Change Form on our website under Meal Plans. Winter semester Meal Plans can be changed December 2021 through the first Friday of classes in January 2022.

Unused Dining Dollars transfer from Fall to Winter semester. Be sure to use them by the end of Winter semester. Any unused dollars are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to the new academic year.

Value+ and Casual+ Meals are per semester and will roll to Winter semester. The Unlimited Fresh, 14+, 10+, 7+, 5+ and 3+ plans are per week and do not roll over to the next week.

Add to your account using check, money order, or credit card. You can add more Dining Dollars online. Check your balance online (you must first link your account with Campus Dish), by using the GV Mobile App or by asking the cashier for a receipt (your balance will be printed at the bottom).

Starbucks and Subway are the only national brands on campus that accepts gift cards. The best thing for family and friends to do is buy a Campus Dining gift card. Students have the freedom to use those gift cards at all Campus Dining locations, including national brands. Campus Dining gift cards may be purchased online at, via telephone at (616) 331-3016, or in the Campus Dining office.

YES, if you live in:

  • Traditional: Copeland, Kistler, Robinson, Holton-Hooker
  • Suite Style: DeVos, Kirkpatrick, Maple, Oak, Pew, Pickard, Pine, Seidman, Stafford, Swanson
  • Apartment Style: Frey, Hills, Hoobler, Johnson, Ott, North C, Weed

NO,  if you live in: 

  • On-Campus Apartment: Calder Art Residence, Grand Valley Apartments, Laker Village, Murray, Niemeyer East & West, Secchia, South C/D/E, VanSteeland, Winter Hall
  • Off-Campus and Commuter Students

Meal plans can be used at any Campus Dining locations on the Allendale and Pew campuses.

If you have additional questions, please call (616) 331-3016, or email

  1. Come to the Campus Dining Office as soon as possible.
  2. We will deactivate your current Meal Plan account and transfer your account to a temporary access card. 
  3. We will issue a temporary access card good for 1 week that can be used to access your Meals and Dining Dollars.
  4.  If you find your I.D. within the weeks time, bring your Student I.D. back to the Campus Dining office and we will transfer your meal plan account back on to your original student I.D.
  5.  If you do not find your Student I.D. before the 1 week time period, you will be required to purchase a new one at Student Services and then update your new barcode with us.

GVSU Campus Dining Terms & Conditions

All funds and plans purchased for use in GVSU Campus Dining are for the personal use of the owner of the account or plan only and are non-transferable.

The Dining Dollar funds and Meal Plans cannot be used as a gift card or gift certificate.

Except as otherwise expressly stated in these terms, all Dining Dollar funds and meal plans are non-refundable and will expire at the earlier of the last day of enrollment or employment, as applicable, or the last day of the current semester.

Meal Plans and Dining Dollar funds are non-refundable. Unused Meal Plans and Dining Dollar balances expire on the last date of enrollment or employment and last day of the Winter Semester.