20/21 Changes

How will Campus Dining be different in Fall 2020/Winter 2021?

Campus Dining will practice social distancing to the extent possible including spaced lines, protected cashiering, fewer touch points and reduced seating density.  You can expect more take and go options, increased compostable to-go packaging and individual condiments.  Cups and lids will be distributed at food stations instead of at beverage machines.


What is Campus Dining doing to enhance cleaning and sanitizing procedures?

Campus Dining has an overnight cleaning team and will strengthen that team with additional staff and increased cleaning procedures, specifically in dining areas.  A new cleaning agent, shown to be effective against COVID 19, will be used on dining room tables and service counters.  To further protect guests, the Campus Dining team will apply a secondary sanitizing agent.  Kitchens, food prep areas and service stations are cleaned regularly with detergents and sanitizers.


Campus Dining will add team members in dining areas to clean and sanitize throughout service.  This will include seating areas and other touchpoints such as condiment counters, beverage counters and cashier areas.  In addition, Campus Dining will offer a sanitized wipe of cash registers, credit card readers and bar code scanners on a regular schedule throughout service.  


Campus Dining remains in contact with the local health department and will follow CDC and Health Department guidelines.


How will Campus Dining minimize touchpoints?

With the exception of the Lobby Shop on the main level in Kirkhof Center and vending machines, all Campus Dining locations will be cashless in Fall 2020.  This will reduce payment handling for guests and staff.  Meal Plans can be scanned via the barcode on the back of a student ID.  Personal credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Campus Dining gift cards are also accepted. 


Will hours change?

Yes.  Hours change a little bit every fall.  With new procedures and policies to protect guests and staff, we are planning for greater changes this fall. Any changes to dining location hours are posted to the Campus Dining website.


Will changes impact wait times?

Campus Dining has always implemented service styles and processes to keep lines as efficient as possible.  While lines may appear especially long given the request to socially distance by 6 feet, Campus Dining will continually evaluate wait times and opportunities to decrease the wait.


Will Meal Plans change?

Changes will be minimal.  The Meal Plan lineup includes 10 Meal Plan options.  The only change is the addition of a 19 Plus plan which will replace the Unlimited Fresh Plan.  Students who previously selected the Unlimited Fresh Plan will automatically receive the 19 Plus Plan at the same price.  If students would like a different option, simply click here to select another option.


How do I know which Meal Plan is best for me?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a plan.  Think about your dining habits, class schedule, time spent working, and other campus activities you’ll be a part of.  For help, read “Which Plan to Choose


How do you accommodate food allergies?

The Campus Dining Dietitian is available to help students navigate safe dining options throughout campus.  You can connect with the Dietitian at any time to start conversations.  In addition, an allergen station called My Fresh Pantry, is located in Kleiner and is stocked with specialty products.  


How will the move to remote learning at Thanksgiving Break impact Meal Plans and dining?

Students who remain on meal plans may have their Meals converted to Dining Dollars after Thanksgiving Break.  Campus Dining will adjust options based on anticipated demand.  Credit Card, Apple Pay, and Campus Dining gift cards will also be accepted.  


Will there be Meal Plan credits for the time after Thanksgiving Break?

GVSU will issue credits for unused housing, weekly dining plans and resident parking, but students must request this credit. No automatic credits will be issued as each individual student’s circumstances will differ. All commuter parking permits will receive the credit and a request is not necessary. Students will be able to access the form through the myHousing portal, by logging into myBanner - myHousing - under “Apply - Cancel - Forms”.  Reminder emails will be sent out to impacted students. The form will be available on October 26th and students will have to submit the form no later than November 6th. Credits will be issued the week on or about November 20th. 


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