Directions - GVSU / The Intersection

To get from GVSU to the Intersection:
1. Get on the Eastbound Laker Line (Route LL) at either Mackinac Hall or Kirkhof Center on Allendale Campus or at the Pew Campus (stop on Fulton at Mt Vernon, under US-131). 
2. Transfer to Eastbound West Fulton (Route 12) near Pew Campus stop or connect to Southbound Silver Line (Route 90) along Monroe. Either bus will take you to Rapid Central Station.
3. Get off at Rapid Central Station. From there walk north approx one block to 133 Grandville.

To get from the Intersection to GVSU Allendale Campus:
1. Walk South from Intersection to Central Station.
2. At Rapid Central Station, transfer to West Fulton (Route 12) or Silver Line (Route 90)
3. Connect to Westbound Laker Line (Route LL) via West Fulton (Route 12) near Pew Campus stop on Fulton, or Northbound Silver Line (Route 90) along Monroe, and ride to GVSU Allendale Campus Kirkhof Center or Mackinac Hall.

Page last modified October 27, 2020