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"Students fill fewer parking spots" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 9/29/13)
"Still competing for a seat" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 9/19/13)
"1.4M rides, crowded busses spur The Rapid to study bus rapid transit for Lake Michigan Dr. corridor" (Rapid Growth Media, 9/19/13)
"Why GVSU thinks renting cars by the hour will be a hit with students" (M-Live, 10/10/12)
"Rapid Makes Progress in 20-year Plan" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 9/30/12)
"Cycling Club works to start bike repair shop" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 9/20/12)
"Transportation administers campus-wide survey, reports no plans for bussing changes on the horizon" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 3/22/12)
"Bus ridership hits 2 million mark" (GV Now Article, 2/16/11)
"When will Grand Valley reach 2 million bus riders?" (GV Now Article, 1/25/11)
"Giving Thanks for The Rapid" (RapidGrowth Article, 11/16/10)
"GVSU and The Rapid: Getting Students to Class on Time" (RapidGrowth Article/Video, 9/29/10)
"The Rapid and Grand Valley State University" (Rapid Growth Media, 9/28/10)
"Michigan's GVSU sees record ridership for 10th year" (Metro Magazine Article, 12/21/09)
"Grand Valley again listed as a 'Best Workplace for Commuters'" (GV Now Article, 11/4/09)
"Grand Valley Sees Record Bus Ridership for 10th Year in a Row" (GV Now Article, 10/7/09)
"Green Rides Appeal to Commuters" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 9/24/09)
"Travel By Alternative Transportation" (Lanthorn 'Survival Guide' Article, 8/2009)
"The Rapid En Route to Improved High-Tech Transit for Grand Rapids" (RapidGrowth Article, 1/22/09)
"Rapid Moving Into Allendale Explored" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 11/13/08)
"Editorial: A Rapid Change" (GVSU Lanthorn Editorial, 11/13/08)
"Around Grand Valley: Transportation" (GV Now Video, 10/17/08)
"Route 37 Drops Main St. Pub Stop After Complaints" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 10/2/08)
"Route 50 Adds Bus to Cut Crowding" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 9/11/08)
"Bus Ridership Continues to Grow" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 8/28/08)
"Free Ride at GVSU" (Grand Rapids Press Editorial, 8/26/08)
"Rapid Ridership Reaches All Time High" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 4/10/08)
"Get On The Bus" (RapidGrowth Video, 12/5/07)
"Rapid Offers Money-Saving Alternatives" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 8/21/06)
"A Transportation Success Story" (Parking Today Article, 2005)
"Grand Valley State U Triples Bus Ridership in Three Years" (The Parking Professional Article, 2005)

"Grand Valley Wins Campus Commuter Challenge" (GVSU Forum Article, 11/17/08)
"Campus to Compete in Statewide Green Challenge" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 9/18/08)
"Online Carpool Service Saves Gas, Cash" (GVSU Lanthorn Article, 8/28/08)

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