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Michigan Department of Education: Learning at a Distance Guidance

April 10, 2020

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has released Learning at a Distance Guidance, a largely teacher-written effort to help address the immediate needs of staff who must address the immediate needs of children – at a distance – during a pandemic. This document seeks to help all districts improve learning at a distance: those with lots, some, and little technology. Read the guidance here

MDE has included the following guiding principles in the guidance: 

  1. MAKING YOUR PLAN: Start small and build on existing success; focus on being flexible and giving grace
  2. ESSENTIAL PRACTICES: Help students maintain and continue their learning outside the classroom
  3. STUDENT INSTRUCTION: Flexibility, reasonable expectations, connections, and collaboration
  4. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Teachers need support and training to best support children and families
  5. PROVIDING SUPPORT: Supporting physical, mental, and emotional health must remain a top priority

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