Individual Student Data Collection Forms

Purpose of student data collection tools

  1. To provide an efficient data collection system that gives educators a method for evaluating student performance at the individual level by providing: immediate feedback, embedded graphing, and embedded analysis.
  2. To evaluate the impact of START’s training and resources at the student level on three specific target behaviors: Independence, Engagement, and Social Interaction.

Why these 3 behaviors?

These three target behaviors have been shown in the research to have a significant impact on the quality of life for students with ASD.

  • Collecting and analyzing data on independence provides an opportunity to improve performance in routines at school, at home, and in the community
  • Collecting and analyzing data on engagement provides an opportunity to improve participation in general education classroom activities and/or increase opportunities to spend more time in general education classrooms and with the general education curriculum.
  • Collecting and analyzing data on social skills provides an opportunity to develop friendships within and outside of the classroom which has also shown to impact academic performance and aid in classroom management.

START Individual Data System Overview

Independence Data

Student Engagement Data

Social Interaction