Community Conversations

Community Conversations is one strategy that has been used to discover, support, and disseminate creative and promising approaches for supporting students with disabilities to participate more fully and naturally in school, work, and community activities, including the same relationships, work, and community experiences as their peers. The process is a creative, productive, and powerful way of identifying how diverse members of a community might work together in compelling ways to solve an important challenge.

The focus of our work has been on opening doors and engaging within our communities across the state using more business networking. When families, schools, and communities at large ask “how can we work together to support meaningful employment and community engagement for people with ASD living within our communities?”

Community Conversations is an organizational tool that promotes a stage for dialogue. By drawing out the best ideas of parents, educators, service providers, community leaders, employers, and ordinary citizens, communities can discover they already have the capacity to open doors for real change in this area.

Sample Community Conversation Materials

Community Conversations

Video created by TennesseeWorks, which is a partnership comprised of organizations and agencies all committed to increasing the number of young people with disabilities employed. Visit the TennesseeWorks website for more information. 

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