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Anna Tyszkiewicz, '01 & '04

Anna Tyszkiewicz, '01 & '04

While some of her peers were lucky enough to gain paid internships as undergraduates at GVSU, Anna Tyszkiewicz, ’01 and ’04 secured an unpaid internship with Grand Valley Metro Council (GVMC). Although at first she was envious of her friends who were on a payroll, Tyszkiewicz soon learned the value of professional immersion over financial compensation. Since she wasn’t “on the clock,” Tyszkiewicz had more exposure to the ins and outs of the business and gained knowledge beyond her work in the classroom as a public administration student. This head start gave her the familiarity and know-how that eventually catapulted her into a successful career in Indianapolis.

Throughout her internship, GVMC, the designated metropolitan planning organization for the Grand Rapids area, was impressed with her dedication. After her internship concluded, the organization offered her a part-time position while she continued her undergraduate and graduate classes. Upon earning her master’s degree in public administration, they offered her a full-time position in the transportation department.

After five years with GVMC, Tyszkiewicz was recruited by the Schneider Corporation, one of the largest civil engineering and survey firms in Indiana. She started as project coordinator and was quickly promoted to middle management. While working with the Schneider Corporation, Tyszkiewicz said that she was thankful to be exposed to important aspects of civil engineering. She learned how to be empathetic to both the private and public sectors. Despite her best efforts, however, she could sense the budget tightening so she began looking for other work.

In the fall of 2008, Tyszkiewicz accepted a position at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). By the following summer, she had been promoted to Principal Planner and was assigned to lead the North East Corridor Rapids Transit Project, a 23 mile-long corridor that will be Indianapolis’ first rapid transit line. 

As Principal Planner for Indianapolis MPO, Tyszkiewicz puts her Grand Valley education to work. The networking that she was able to do while in college opened doors for her and allowed her to see all the different avenues to which public administration can lead. Along with her goal to see the completion of the North East Corridors Project, she would also like to implement the region’s first Bus Rapid Transit project.

In the fall of 2012, Tyszkiewicz accepted a three-year term as a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. She currently lives in Indianapolis with her boyfriend, John and daughter, Ella.

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