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Benjamin Lockerd

Benjamin Lockerd

A Professor of English in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. Lockerd has been a member of the Grand Valley faculty since 1984. He holds baccalaureate degrees from the University of Wyoming, and a master's degree in English from the University of Toronto. Dr. Lockerd earned his doctorate in English from the University of Connecticut.

He has been extensively published with critical analyses, essays, and reviews on a wide variety of topics relating to the English language, literature, and thought. He has lectured and presented conference papers on many occasions, commenting on T.S. Eliot, Shakespeare, Ezra Pound, Spenser, and many other great writers and poets.

Dr. Lockerd's students have stated that he is a teacher who can make literature come alive through his knowledge of subject, enthusiasm, and concern for students extending through their understanding of English to their positive development and growth beyond academic experience.

Dr. Lockerd and his wife Micheline have five children, and reside in Grand Rapids.

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