Alumni in 5


Ben McLoskey '13

Mid-winter, my sophomore year, the concrete slab on Pierce Street is typically flooded and froze over. My friends and I organized a pond hockey game and played all day.

Morgan Lemmen '20

One of my favorite GVSU memories is taking BIO 109 "Plants in the Word" with Elise Hollister. She is an amazing professor who really made an impact on me and my educational journey!

Jenn Penn '10

My best memory would be studying abroad and teaching in South Africa in my last year of school. My first class at Grand Valley was taught by Dr. John Kilbourne and he made it every student's mission to take advantage of the opportunity, so I did.

Randy Hertstein '68

Crowded into a commons building packed with students listening to the Tiger's 1968 World Series games.

Kathee Lamberies '03 & '05

A favorite Grand Valley memory is meeting two friends, Jill and Brad, and having all of our 300 and 400-level classes together! It was so nice to go through all that with a core group of friends!

Michael Burns '80

The GVSC mainframe computer was kept fairly busy for a while with my test runs of a computational physics problem.

Marion Maier '71

Tugs-of-war across the library pond

Rebecca Woronko '10

My first football game as a student was so much fun! The buzz and excitement in the student section was something to behold and it was empowering!

Emily Rienks '21

My favorite Grand Valley memories are being down on the sideline for Laker football games cheering the team on for many Grand Valley Victories. Watching football from anywhere but the sideline will never be the same!

Julie Stivers '72

Exploring the ravines.

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