Alumni Relations strives to provide Grand Valley alumni with a sense of community and pride, as well as lifelong learning opportunities. We do this by engaging alumni with volunteer activities, social and professional development events, communications, ways to give, and academic resources.

This Annual Report provides a snapshot of our alumni and the ways we’ve helped them stay engaged with Grand Valley and connect with each other over Fiscal Year 20-21 (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021).

Total Alumni: 131,033. Numbers displayed over backdrop image of evening campus scenery including the clock tower and the Mary Idema Pew Library.
The top 5 states home to GVSU Alumni include: Michigan (99,942), Illinois (2,792), Florida (1,945), California (1,441), Texas (1,295), and Indiana (1,174).
A blue map of Michigan displays the top 5 counties home to GVSU Alumni, which includes; Kent County (33,417), Ottawa County (17,876), Oakland County (6,557), Muskegon County (5,230), and Wayne County (3,852).
A bar graph depicts degrees issued by decades at Grand Valley. 1960's, (781), 1970's, (8,671), 1980's, (9,892), 1990's, (19,462), 2000's, (35,302), 2010's, (49,078), and so far in the 2020's, (7,847). A scenic picture of the blue Transformational Link is shown on the side.
There have been a total of 141,641 degrees awarded at Grand Valley from July 1, 1966 to June 30, 2021.
A pie chart breaks down the types of degrees awarded which include: 114,031 Bachelors degrees awarded, 26,671 Masters degrees awarded, and 849 Doctorate degrees awarded.
A header titled, "Digital Footprint", over a blue background.
There have a total of 46 virtual events hosted by the GVSU Alumni Association.
A total of 1,433 people attended these virtual events. Of the attendees, 17% attended for their first time.
Website Visits: Our website received a total of 80,182 website visits from returning visitors. This number is up 15,856 from last year. We also received visits from 71,740 new visitors. This number is up 3,110 from last year.
Across our social media accounts, we have a total of 23,145 followers across all platforms. Our following increased by 940 followers in the past year.
Social media impressions: Twitter (267,306 impressions), Facebook (111,600 impressions), Instagram (6,603 impressions).
This year's top social media posts include; Instagram: photo reel of Residence Life Throwback Thursday posts, which received 146 Likes. Facebook: "Thank You Chris" post, which received 213 likes. Twitter: Fall Campus Beauty post, which received 10 retweets and 63 likes.
The Alumni House with colorful flowers in front.
Total Alumni Giving: $4,337,950. This is the most ever given by alumni in a year. Total Alumni Donors: 7,067. A picture of the downtown Beckering Carillon Tower on a sunny day is shown to the right of the numeric information.
The downtown DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health building is displayed.
We have a total of 33 Alumni Networks. Of these networks, 12 are Affinity Networks, 7 are Regional Networks, and 14 are Athletic Networks.
In the past year, a total of 249 Alumni Owned Businesses were submitted. The number is displayed over a computer illustration of tall city buildings.
There are a total of 4,163 Laker License Plates. This number increased by 471 plates in the past year.
There have been a total of 109 Laker Landings submitted, and 1,107 membership card requests. This data is displayed on the right side of an image of the new campus sign, by the welcome arch.

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