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Kelly Coats '16, Clinical Therapist

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Trillium Child and Family Services offers services to all populations but focuses on children, adolescents, and teens through the power of play. Through play (the very first universal language of all children), serotonin and dopamine levels are raised, allowing for a totally different mindset when facing difficult situations. Serotonin is the feel-good and relaxed hormone our brain automatically produces when we are relaxed and unstressed. Dopamine is the hormone our brain produces through having fun and enjoying ourselves. While working with children through play, children are able to confront issues with relaxed, happy feelings and are able to discuss problems more readily than before. This approach works on adults and teens as well, allowing adults and teens a more relaxed feeling than previously and allows for a deeper discussion than without.

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1000 Long Blvd. #3
Lansing, Michigan 48911

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