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Northwestern Michigan College

Program Guide for Occupational Therapy - Graduate Program

First Year, First Semester

Course Credits
ENG 111 4
MTH 111 4
PSY 101 3
Humanities elective 3
Elective 1
Total 15

First Year, Second Semester

Course Credits
ENG 112 4
PSY 211 3
Humanities elective 3
Natural Science elective 4
Elective 1
Total 15

Second Year, First Semester

Course Credits
BIO 227 + 227L 4
PSY 250 3
Global Perspective elective 3
Social Science elective (200+ level) 3
Elective 2
Total 15

Second Year, Second Semester

Course Credits
BIO 228 + 228L 4
MTH 131 3
U.S. Diversity electve 3
Major electives 5
Total 15


  • Degree offered: Master of Science (M.S.O.T.)
  • An undergraduate degree is required prior to starting the Occupational Therapy graduate program. The above curriculum does not include coursework for a specific undergraduate major. Students are encouraged to select a GVSU major and use elective credits towards meeting major requirements.
  • This guide fulfills the Michigan Transfer agreement (MTA). Humanities electives must be selected from different disciplines. Social Science elective must be a non-PSY course. Science elective must be a non-BIO course.  Please check with your community college advisor for additional associate degree requirements. GVSU will still honor the MACRAO agreement.
  • Global Perspectives and/or U.S. Diversity electives: Please see the GVSU general education guide for list of approved courses


Occupational Therapy (OT) is a competitive admissions graduate program. A bachelor’s degree is required. Students are encouraged to work with their advisor to select an undergraduate major early. For more detailed admission/application information visit the OT website at


This is a suggested curriculum guide and may not be applicable to every student. Students are encouraged to meet with a GVSU College of Health Professions (CHP) Advisor early in their academic career. To learn more about this major or to schedule an advising appointment visit the CHP Student Services office online at