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  • If you are considering transferring to GVSU, please visit our Transfer Admissions resource page for all the information you need to get started.
  • For information on how your courses transfer to GVSU, please review the Course Equivalencies online.
  • If you decide to transfer to GVSU prior to completing your Associates Degree, you should consider taking advantage of the reverse transfer agreement we have with all Michigan community colleges.
  • Our online catalog provides a wealth of information on GVSU's academic programs, policies and procedures, course descriptions, etc.
  • Each college at GVSU has an academic advising center that serves specific majors in that college. If you have specific questions about program requirements, you could contact the advising center to seek additional information.
  • Each academic department at GVSU provides additional information about specific programs of study and links to important resources. You may access a comprehensive list here.
  • Our Career Center provides comprehensive support and resources for all students at GVSU. It is recommended that you connect with the counselors there as soon as you transition to GVSU.
  • The Career Guides by Major allow students to investigate possible career or graduate/professional school opportunities based on specific programs of study.

Transfer plans are meant to provide you with a suggested outline of courses for your respective academic interest. They are simply a guide while you attend community college. If you have additional questions regarding the content of this transfer plan, please contact the GVSU Admissions & Recruitment Office by phone at 616-331-2025 or by email at [email protected].


Northwestern Michigan College

Program Guide for English

First Year, First Semester

Course Credits
ENG 111 4
MTA math course 4
Foreign Language I 4
ENG elective 3
Total 15

First Year, Second Semester

Course Credits
ENG 112 4
Foreign Language II 4
Science Lab elective 4
Social Science elective 3
Total 15

Second Year, First Semester

Course Credits
ENG elective 3
Foreign Language III 4
ENG elective 3
Global Perspectives elective 3
Social Science elective 3
Total 16

Second Year, Second Semester

Course Credits
ENG elective 3
U.S. Diversity elective 3
ENG elective 3
Science elective 4
Total 13


  • Degree offered: B.A.
  • This guide fulfills the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).  Science electives must be selected from different disciplines.  Social science electives must be selected from different disciplines.  Please check with your community college advisor for additional associate degree requirements.  GVSU will still honor the MACRAO agreement.
  • U.S. Diversity electives:  Please see general education guide for list of approved courses
  • Global Perspectives electives:  Please see general education guide for list of approved courses
  • Choose ENG electives from the following:  ENG 223, ENG 241, ENG 263, ENG 271
  • Students interested in elementary teacher certification (K-8) should take PSY 101 as a social science elective and could also take CD 202 and ENG 210.
  • Students interested in secondary teacher certification (6-12) should take PSY 101 and could also take CD 202.  In addition, secondary certification candidates are required to complete a teachable minor.  Please see for minor options.


Students who major in English find work in a variety of fields, ranging from management to computer programming. Careers such as writing, teaching, library science, editing, and publishing are directly related to specific studies in English language and literature. The communication skills developed in the study of English are also important to careers in public relations, business, management, and personnel counseling.