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Candidates for undergraduate teacher certification earn a degree in an approved major program.

Teacher Preparation

The College of Education and Community Innovation, in conjunction with other departments at Grand Valley, prepares students for certification in elementary and secondary education, and endorsements in special education.

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Students are admitted directly into this program.
Available as a minor.
Elementary education minor offered.
Secondary education minor offered.
Teaching minor offered.

Program Overview

Teacher preparation at Grand Valley State University includes:

  • Elementary education
  • Secondary education
  • Special education
  • Graduate teacher certification

Teachers must have strong spoken and written communication, leadership, and human relationship skills. These attributes may open doors to other fields related to classroom teaching. Teachers who have had some teaching experience and additional coursework may also be eligible for positions in the fields of administration, counseling, and social work.

Why Study Education at Grand Valley?

  • With a commitment to educational principles such as active learning, interaction of theory and practice, and learning relevancy, the education programs offers students the type of personalized attention needed to become leaders in their fields.
  • Undergraduate education programs are approved by the Michigan Department of Education and accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).
  • Undergraduate education students are assigned an advisor from their major field for the duration of their time at Grand Valley. In addition, they are assigned an education program advisor to guide them through the steps to become a teacher.
  • Scholarships are available to students admitted to the College of Education and Community Innovation.
  • Candidates with a bachelor's degree who desire certification may be eligible for an accelerated one-year program at the graduate level that earns credits toward a master's degree.

Location & Format

Undergraduate students in this major study at the Grand Valley Allendale Campus.

  • Face To Face


Candidates for undergraduate teacher certification earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in an approved major program.

In addition to their degree requirements, students seeking elementary certification must meet the requirements of a teachable major and complete the education major/professional education requirements.

Students seeking secondary certification must meet the requirements of a teachable major, minor, and complete the education major/professional education requirements.

Students must also pass the appropriate Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC):

Combined Degree Programs

Many GVSU undergraduate programs can be combined with an existing master’s degree program to save on tuition and get you into the workforce sooner. On average, you can save $8,500 by pursuing a combined degree and take up to four fewer courses than if earning the degrees separately.

Talk with an advisor about how you can build your combined degree from existing programs to further personalize your education and create your own niche area of expertise.

Admission Requirements

For specific undergraduate College of Education initial certification admission requirements, see the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program Description.

For More Information

College of Education and Community Innovation
401 Fulton Street West, Building C
(616) 331-6650
[email protected]

Admissions and Recruitment Office


“Grand Valley is leaving me well prepared for the profession I am going into. Through the classes I've taken I am ready to interview for a teaching position, set up my own classroom, and provide for the children I will teach what they need in an education.”