What's Changing with Requisitions?

Current State

Faculty/staff enter requisitions in Banner for purchases greater than $5,000 or purchases from an individual (regardless of amount). For purchases from a company less than $5,000 faculty/staff either use their P card or order directly from the company and send the invoice to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable enters the invoice into OnBase and the department provides the FOAP and approval in OnBase. 

Future State

All purchases that will be paid with an invoice, regardless of amount or individual/company, will begin by entering a requisition in Workday. Faculty and staff can continue to use their purchasing card to make small dollar purchases up to $4,999 and bypass the requisition process. Honorariums, stipends, and other purchases without an invoice will utilize a separate process and will not be paid using requisitions

Who is Impacted?

  • Faculty/Staff who make purchases

  • Cost Center Managers


  • The requisition process in Workday is much simpler than the requisition process in Banner 

  • FOAP information (with Workday, called FDM information) will be gathered at the beginning of the process rather than entering into OnBase after the invoice is received 

  • No processing time between requisition and PO – once a requisition is fully approved, it is automatically transitioned into a PO 

  • Easily manage purchase order balances and see accounting information for purchases 

  • Ability to copy past requisitions and use templates for frequent purchases 

  • Ability to do one requisition for multiple suppliers – separate PO’s for each supplier will automatically be generated 

  • Connect directly to supplier websites (Amazon, Office Depot, Grainger, McKesson) from Workday to place an order 

Potential Challenges

  • Requisitions are currently a challenging process in Banner, and individuals may be resistant to the idea of entering requisitions based on this.

  • It may be new for some individuals to enter requisitions at the beginning of the purchasing process.

Other Important Information


  • Contact: Heather White, Assistant Director of Procurement

Page last modified September 14, 2023