Procure to Pay (P2P) Process

With a single system to manage your purchases, Workday’s procurement solution allows you to access all your suppliers, purchase orders, and contracts in a single place.  Connect to our partner suppliers' websites to order directly from them through Workday. With this commitment to keeping everything, including business process controls and user profiles, housed and controlled in a singular system, Workday provides more ways for us to streamline our procurement processes across the university. 

Please visit the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) page for additional training and resources. 


Workday sourcing makes it a breeze to collaboratively build and execute sourcing events.  Build Request for Quote (RFQs), formerly known as Request for Proposal (RFPs), in minutes and leverage an integrated comparison tool for supplier bid responses. 

Supplier Contracts

Managing your supplier contracts is easy in Workday. Keep track of termination dates, contract documents, and related details all in one place.


Requisitions are required for all purchases that will be paid for with an invoice (regardless of dollar amount). Easily access supplier websites (Amazon, Grainger, Office Depot, McKesson), view supplier catalogs or request non-catalog items using Workday’s seamless, user-friendly interface. Requisitions can also be built using templates and copied from past purchases to save even more time.

Purchase Orders (POs)

Workday makes it easy to find and manage your purchase orders in one place. You can easily view remaining balances, invoices that have been charged to your PO, and all relevant information necessary to manage your purchases. 

Change Orders

When a change order is necessary on your Purchase Order, Workday makes it easy to request a change order and obtain the required approvals right in the system. 


When you receive the goods you ordered or when services are rendered, you can easily receive these goods or services in Workday on your PO. That way, when an invoice is received by the Accounts Payable team, it will match with the PO and your receipt, and the invoice will be automatically paid! 


Workday uses an automated 3-way match process that compares your PO, Receipt and Invoice. If the three documents match on Supplier, quantity, and amount, an invoice will move right through to payment. Invoices that don’t match will be reviewed by Accounts Payable for further action. Invoices will be received directly within Accounts Payable via email ([email protected]), with suppliers submitting them directly through a supplier portal or via a feed directly from the supplier.

Miscellaneous Payments

Workday makes non-invoice payments simple by using a Miscellaneous Payment. You’ll simply complete a form with the necessary information for payment (ie. Payee name and address, amount, reason for payment and attach supporting documentation.) The document is automatically routed for approval based on Worktags and the payment is made.


Workday P2P processes will ensure that on-time payments to our vendors remain our top priority and will allow us the flexibility in payment types we have always had.

Page last modified December 12, 2023