Receipts and Invoices

Workday Procurement enables you to bring user profiles, business ​process controls, and analytics into one system, streamlining the ​entire indirect procurement process.

Workday addresses the unique requirements of both goods and services spent and doesn’t require you to deploy multiple systems to manage it. From requisition to payment, Workday Procurement provides a single system for the procure-to-pay process and is built for our University.

Please visit the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) page for additional training and resources. 

Workday Tips

Creating a receipt is required for all purchase orders in Workday (except Office Depot). The best time to create your receipt is when you actually receive the package of items that you ordered or when services have been completed. 

If you make a mistake on your receipt, you can do a Receipt Adjustment or you can Cancel the Receipt and start over.

To-Do Tasks for Create a Receipt

There are three situations where you will get a "To-Do Create Receipt" task in your Workday inbox. This task will go automatically to the person who created the requisition. Cost Center Assistants have the ability to create receipts on any purchase order in their cost center and can assist with these tasks. 

You will receive a To-Do task in your inbox if:

  1. You did not create a receipt
    If you have not created a receipt, you will get a To-Do task to Create a Receipt. The invoice will not be able to be paid until a receipt is created.
  2. The invoice that was sent to [email protected] is for a larger amount than your receipt and/or purchase order.
    If the invoice comes in and the amount exceeds the receipt and/or purchase order, you will get a reminder to review the receipt. We have added additional help text with instructions on how to review the invoice, receipt and purchase order and make any changes that are necessary.
  3. The total amount of the invoices is larger than the total amount of your receipts or your purchase order.
    If the total amount of all invoices exceeds the total amount of all your receipts and/or your purchase order, you will get a reminder to review the receipt. We have added additional help text with instructions on how to review the invoices, receipts and purchase order and make any changes that are necessary.

Amazon Orders

This is a reminder that creating a receipt is also required for all Amazon orders. You may receive the To-Do step in your Workday inbox before you actually receive the package of items. This happens because Amazon will automatically send an invoice when they ship the items. Please wait to create the receipt until you actually get the package and verify that you received the items you ordered. 

Emailing Invoices

The only way that an invoice is ingested into Workday for payment processing is by emailing it to [email protected]. Please keep in mind the following tips when sending invoices to [email protected]:

  • Make sure the purchase order number is on the invoice document itself, not in the email body or subject line.
  • The purchase order number is required to pay the invoice, not the requisition or receipt number. Please make sure the purchase order number is on the invoice.
  • One attachment per email is preferred. Please do not send multiple invoices in the same email whenever possible.

Invoicing Questions

If you have questions about the overall invoicing or three-way match process in Workday, please continue to utilize the [email protected] email address for the quickest resolution.

If you have specific questions regarding the status of a payment, please email [email protected]. The [email protected] email address is not monitored for questions and should only be used to send invoices for payment.

Payment Status

If you are looking to find the payment status on a supplier invoice, please refer to the newly created job aid - How to look for payment status on a Supplier Invoice

There are a few ways to find the payment status, and the job aid walks you through each method. If you have additional questions, please reach out to the [email protected] email for additional assistance. 

Receipts and Invoices

Receipt Creation

Once the purchase order has been issued, and the good(s) and/or services have been received, then the Employee (or Cost Center Manager) who created the requisition can create a Receipt. A packing slip or other related package documentation can optionally be uploaded and stored in Workday. A receipt may be edited after it is submitted. ​

Supplier Invoices

The Supplier Invoice process is the process of paying all approved supplier invoices for goods and services as part of the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process.  GVSU will use Workday to process and pay supplier invoices.​


Supplier Invoices will be submitted to [email protected], Workday uses a three-way match process to compare the PO, Receipt and Invoice. If those three things match, the invoice will pay. If they do not match, the invoice will move to an Exception status for AP to work on. Departments will no longer need to regularly approve invoices; the requisition and receipt of the PO replaces this process.

Page last modified February 2, 2024