Job Requisitions

The Workday job requisition is used to fill a position or job. Job requisitions in Workday have three statuses: Open, Filled, or Closed. 

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After completing any needed steps for hiring approval, you can create the job requisition in Workday. Administrative Assistants or Managers are responsible for creating a job requisition and should coordinate with their HR Generalist to discuss the requisition, the posting(s), and ongoing candidate activities. 


Open vs. Filled vs. Closed

An open job requisition is active and is either posted or unposted. Filled job requisitions are completed recruiting efforts, i.e., a candidate has been hired to fill the job. Closed job requisitions are when you are not going to staff anyone and are failing/canceling the search. It is permanent and cannot be reversed once submitted. 

Canceling Job Requisitions

In Workday, the word "cancel" refers to the status of a business process event. If there was an In-Progress Create Job Requisition event, and you changed your mind about recruiting, you could cancel that event. But once a Create Job Requisition event is completed, one must close the job requisition to cancel the recruiting effort. 

Un-posting Job Requisitions

Another point of confusion could involve un-posting job requisitions, i.e., removing the requisition from the internal/external job sites. In conversation, we might say: "I'm ready to make an offer. Please close the job requisition." As mentioned above, closing a job requisition will cancel the recruiting effort, and no hire can be made. More accurately, we should say: "I'm ready to make an offer. Please un-post the job requisition." 

Reviewing a Job Requisition

As a reviewer, you have the following options when you receive a Job Requisition for review:  

  • Approve it and send it on to the next reviewer: You do not have any changes or questions about the Job Requisition and want to approve it and send it on for the next level of review 
  • Send it back to the originator with questions: You have questions, believe some information is missing, or have some other reason for returning the Job Requisition request to the originator. When you click this option, you will be provided the opportunity to type a short message before returning the request. 
  • Deny it: You are denying the job requisition for any reason, including the position no longer has approval to be filled. When you click this option, you will be provided the opportunity to type a reason before denying the request. Note: the originator will not receive notice of the denial, so you are strongly urged to call the hiring manager to discuss the denial reason. 


Checking the Status of the Job Requisition

You can check the status of the Job Requisition at any time. To do so, go to your Workday My Tasks and click the Archive tab. Select the job requisition you approved earlier, then click Process to review the process history to date. If the requisition is awaiting anyone’s action, you will see it displayed in the Status column. 

Evergreen Requisitions

Evergreen requisitions are a tool to collect applications for positions that we are not currently hiring for but may in the future.  

Page last modified December 12, 2023