Position and Job Management

GVSU has two staffing models: position management and job management. 

Please visit the Recruitment and Hiring page for additional training and resources. 

Position Management

Management of budgeted positions including regular faculty/staff. To hire an employee for a position in Workday, an available, unfilled position must first exist. A position exists for each employee and a single position must be created for each new employee. One position is approved at a time.

Position Management allows a department to: ​ 

  • Create/request a new position ​ 
  • Edit/change a position 

Examples of position management: 

  • Tenure Track Faculty 
  • Affiliate Faculty 
  • Administrative Professional (AP) 
  • Hourly Staff 

Job Management

Management of budget pool jobs including the following: adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, adjunct AP, temporary hourly, and student employees. This allows for the hiring of multiple jobs via one job requisition and does not require a position to exist prior to hiring an employee.

Job management allows a department to: 

  • Request for multiple jobs to be hired using one job requisition
  • Hire a worker for a temporary or fixed term 
  • Requires periodic renewals for continuation of a job

Examples of job management: 

  • Visiting Faculty
  • Adjunct Faculty 
  • Adjunct Administrative Professional (AP)
  • Temporary Hourly 
  • Student Employees 

Page last modified January 16, 2024