What's New in the CMS


Permanent link for CMS Intranet Now Available on July 1, 2019

Your CMS site can now be available on the GVSU Intranet. This is a great solution for departments who have content that should not be accessed by the general public.  To better understand, consider the following. 

If a page is created on the Internet, it is available for everyone. 

If a page is created on the Intranet, it is available for only those people on the GVSU Network. 

If you have content that is not appropriate for the general public or is intended specifically for internal audiences only (e.g. HR documentation and procedures), you may want to consider a site on Intranet to house that information.

For all new requests, you will see an option in a dropdown from the New CMS Site Request page

For any pages that already exist that you believe should be moved to the Intranet, please contact us

Permanent link for Fact Chunk Icon Updates on July 1, 2019

If you use the Fact Chunk on your site, you will notice that we have updated the list of icons available.  These icons are provided by the website Font Awesome.  If you find an icon on the Font Awesome website you would like added, please let us know.   

Permanent link for Blog Module Now Available on May 21, 2019

Starting today, there is now a blog module that you can add to your CMS. The blog will be a great way to documenting anything that you see fit. To add the blog feature to you CMS:

  • Log into the CMS
  • Click on Manage Modules from the left hand side
  • Click the New Module button
  • From the Drop Down menu, choose Blog and click Submit. You can enter an alias title if you wish. 

Now when you click on Manage Modules from the left, you will see Blog listed.

Permanent link for Hashtag Modules on May 21, 2019

A new module is available on the CMS that allows you to collect tweets based from a hashtag.  The module is called the Twitter Hashtag Module, and  will automatically collect tweets with specific hashtags. 

As an example - Let's say you are having an event called the GVSU Walk-A-Thon.  You can ask your participants to tweet using #gvsuwalk, and then display those tweets using the Twitter Hashtag Module. 

To learn more about this module,  a How To video is available for you to watch. 

Permanent link for Time Stamped Comments in Form Builder on May 1, 2019

In the Form Builder, Administrators can write comments within an individuals response. These notes are only visible to administrators, and it is a great way to keep notes about a person who has submitted the form. 

When you go into the Form Builder, you click on the response - You can scroll to the bottom of the response and create notes.  Any responses with a comment will show in the event responses.  

You can also be e-mailed whenever a comment is made by changing the option on the form settings page. 

Permanent link for Button to Access Credit Card Admin on May 1, 2019

When a person submits a response and a credit card is used, there is now a button you can click on to access the Credit Card Admin.  When you click on this link, it will now take you to the Credit Card Admin page. 

Permanent link for Bulk Delete in Form Builder on May 1, 2019

In the Form Builder, you can now do a bulk delete of responses.  There are now check boxes do delete individual responses, and also a check box to select all. 

Permanent link for Early Bird Cut Off by Number of Registrations on April 30, 2019

You can now have the early bird registration cut off based on the number of people registered. 

As an example, you could use this if you want to offer a discount to the first 10 people registered for an event. 

Now when you select a payment option from the Form builder | Settings, | Payment Options, you will have an option for "Will there be an early bird discount limited to a number of registrations?".

Something important to note - If a person signs up with a guest, the guest will also get the early bird discount.  However, the addition guests do NOT count towards the early bird registration number. 

Permanent link for Instagram Module is Live on March 26, 2019

Starting today, you can now add the Instagram module to any page.  

Do the following 3 things to add the Instagram module:

Add the module:

  • Log into the CMS
  • On the left hand side, click on Manage Modules 
  • Click on the New Module button
  • From the Module drop down, click and locate Instagram
  • Click Submit

Configure the module: 

  • On the left hand side under Modules, you should now see Instagram listed - Click on it
  • Click on Authorize Account

Choose the module for your page:

  • Locate the page you wish to add the module to and click Edit
  • From the menu bar on the right hand side, click on the Module icon (the icon on the very bottom)
  • Click on Instagram

Permanent link for Accessibility Training - Going on Now! on March 22, 2019

These trainings expire on July 4. To check if a person has taken the training, log into the CMS Admin page and head over to the Administrators section. On the left hand menu, click on More > Administrators to see the list. 

There are 3 icons that indicate their status:

Green = completed accessibility training

Red = did not complete accessibility training in time (90 days) and is now locked out of CMS

Yellow = In the 90 day window to complete training

These trainings are offered by DeQue University. If someone has completed the training from DeQue University outside of the invitation from the Inclusion and Equity Department, a screenshot will need to be sent to Joseph Vugteveen (vugtejos@gvsu.edu).

Refer to the University Policy on Web Accessibility if needed. 

Page last modified July 1, 2019