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Permanent link for Problem Report Notifications on July 22, 2019

We have recently made a change to the way Problem Reports notifies someone. Now, whenever a user submits a problem report, an e-mail will be sent to the CMS administrators.  

In the past, an e-mail was only sent to the individuals listed in the “Contacts” section of your page.  

Now, any administrator with the “Manage Problem Reports” permission checked will receive an e-mail. 

To see if you have this enabled, log into the CMS. Click on More, and then click on Administrators.  From this page, click on the Edit button next to the administrator. Under the Site Management section on the right hand side, check the box that says “Manage problem reports”. Changing this setting will also disable e-mails being sent to that person. 

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Page last modified July 22, 2019