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Imagine this scenario - You are working in the form builder. You are done creating this wonderful form and press the button "Request Approval."    You get that e-mail back saying "Your form has been approved!" 

Then, you are told you have to make a change to the form - after it's already been approved.    

Previously, you would have to reach out to someone on the Web Team to help you.  We would put the form back into a"Draft" status, you would make your change, and then would change the form back to "Approved".  

But alas - That is no longer the case! CMS Administrators who have the permission of "Manage Existing Forms" can now move forms back to draft after they have been approved. 

A few things to remember when moving the form back to Draft - 

  • The form will be unavailable while the updates are being made. 
  • Once your changes are made the form will need to be approved by the Web Team.
  • Deleting or changing a question on the form may remove previous responses' answers. This data will be unrecoverable.
  • We suggest you download an export of the responses before proceeding.

When you log into the Form Builder, you will now see this orange undo button. This button allows you to move the forms back into Drafts. 

Once your edits are finished, you will then click the Request Approval button. The Web Team will then need to approve the revisions.  As a reminder, please allow 3 business days for the approval process. 

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Page last modified September 30, 2019