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Your CMS site can now be available on the GVSU Intranet. This is a great solution for departments who have content that should not be accessed by the general public.  To better understand, consider the following. 

If a page is created on the Internet, it is available for everyone. 

If a page is created on the Intranet, it is available for only those people on the GVSU Network. 

If you have content that is not appropriate for the general public or is intended specifically for internal audiences only (e.g. HR documentation and procedures), you may want to consider a site on Intranet to house that information.

For all new requests, you will see an option in a dropdown from the New CMS Site Request page

For any pages that already exist that you believe should be moved to the Intranet, please contact us

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Page last modified July 1, 2019