Paul Wittenbraker

Paul Wittenbraker


Visual Studies and Foundations

Area Coordinator
Visual Studies

Office: 1117 Alexander Calder Fine Arts Center
Phone: (616) 331-3578
Email: [email protected]


Paul Wittenbraker received a BA from Wabash College and his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He was director of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in downtown Grand Rapids, and he is now Professor at Grand Valley State University (GVSU). In 1999, he started Civic Studio, for which he received a Michigan Campus Compact Award. Wittenbraker led the development of the Visual Studies studio major at GVSU. In addition to teaching and advising in Visual Studies, he teaches Making and Meaning in Foundations. Recent public presentations include the lecture "Civic Studio and the Plastic City" as part of the Cranbrook Academy of Art's Critical Studies Series and the exhibit "Facing Michigan" at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts. Research interests include theories and representations of public space, technology and culture, and policy and cultural institutions.


MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art

BA, Wabash College



  • ART 153 - Foundations: Making And Meaning In Art And Design
  • ART 391 - Civic Studio
  • ART 393 - Image Studio
  • ART 491 - Internship In Studio Art
  • ART 498 - Senior Project


mundus imaginalis intermondo

Mundus Imaginalis: Intermondo. The project includes objects and images in the GVSU DeVos Center Complex.

Plasticspace project: Scrap

Plasticspace project: Scrap

Drawing for Civic Studio

Drawing for Civic Studio "On the River" project.

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