"Supermom", a Jason Honeycutt's Production (BA, Film & Video Production, 98), coming to Grand Rapids Film Festival

October 13, 2017

"Supermom", a Jason Honeycutt's Production (BA, Film & Video Production, 98), coming to Grand Rapids Film Festival

This year's Grand Rapids Film Festival spotlight event will highlight two Michigan filmmakers with an outdoor screening of their films. Between the two is Film and Video Production Alum Jason Honeycutt's (BA, Film & Video Production, 1998) new short film — Supermom. The film is the story of a daughter who thinks her mother is a superhero. And she may be right...

"Having had two films in festivals, and seeing so many dreary, depressing films, I wanted to create something upbeat and colorful. I created Supermom as a way to tell my two daughters that super heroes can look like them, that girls can do anything and mother do not have to have a certain "job." I am proud to say that this this film was made in conjunction with the Los Angeles Fire Department and they will be playing it before speaking to children all around the city, as a way to also inspire them to believe that anyone, male or female, can become a hero." — says Jason.

Jason Honeycutt  is an award-winning director, born and raised in rural Michigan. He grew up making movies from childhood. He worked three jobs to pay for film school and moved to Los Angeles where he's directed and/or edited content for FX Network, FOX, CBS, Dreamworks, Universal Republic, Sony Music, Disney, TNT and others. He is the winner of six Promax Gold Awards and is a part of the On-Air Promotions team at FX Network, where he helped them to win Promax's "Marketing Team of the Year" six times in a row.

His first short film, "Returning Home," won a number of film festival awards such as "Best Supernatural" (Detroit/Windsor Film Festal), "Best Produced Screenplay" (Oregon Film Award), "Golden Ace Award" (Las Vegas Film Festival), amongst others. His second film, "Intersection," won "Best Short Film" at the Durango Independent Film Festival, "Best Screenplay," at the Idyllwild International Film Festival, "Best Drama" at the Apex Film Festival, as well as 10 other wins or nominations.

You can watch the trailer for Supermom here:

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