A Selfie: The Body Extended - Exhibition of works by students in ART 151: 3D Design

3D Artwork by Student Lilah Parker for the "A Selfie: The Body Extended" Exhibition

Date and Time

Monday, May 21, 2018 1:00 AM - 1:00 AM


Mary Idema Pew Library Exhibition Space, Ground Floor


The work you will see is a selection of work from The Selfie: A Body Extended Project from the Art 151 Three-Dimensional Design course over the last three semesters. Art 151 is an entry-level course in the Department of Visual and Media Arts.

The assignment begins with a digital presentation on artists, craftspeople, designers from our culture and other cultures and time periods that deal with this idea of identity and ornamentation. We look at everything from contemporary milliners, to the Noh Masks from Japan to the Native People from North American to GVSU Illustration Alumni, Christine Mrozik to couture fashion. The students are also expected to bring in their research on ornamentation, ritual or otherwise, that inspire them and challenge them to think differently. Another component is for them to use their cell phones to capture their world. Some of them use their phones to take pictures of their environment or themselves, and some of them use older images to talk with us about their identity or community. Using an object that they all pretty much hold “near and dear” to them is really just a tool to start a conversation with the students. After we spend some time looking at pictures and their research the students begin to sketch out what they want to make. During this phase, we also talk at length about design elements and principles of design. For example, repetition is not just a term or a way of binding a composition together, but what happens when a student uses a handful or more of the same object. What does this add to the concept of the piece?

Through this project, it is expected that the students will understand the relationship between formal concerns and concept. Understand the deeper meaning in portraits and to think about what an artist can do to provide insight into themselves and their world, thereby reflecting their own unique qualities and to continue to think deeply about themselves. They should also be able to consider the importance of translating an idea or concept into a three-dimensional form and thereby translating that three-dimensional form into an image. Through this project, they begin to appreciate craftsmanship associated with creating a soft form and working with different materials.


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