2017 GVSU & SeoulTech Art & Design Student Exchange Exhibition

2017 GVSU & SeoulTech Art & Design Student Exchange Exhibition

Date and Time

Monday, October 2, 2017 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Haas Center for Performing Arts » Red Wall Gallery Lake Ontario Hall


Grand Valley State University Department of Visual and Media Arts and SeoulTech National University of Science and Technology College of Art and Design host the first student exchange exhibition simultaneously in the United States and in Seoul, South Korea. 

In this exhibition, 40 digital images of works produced by GVSU Students will be exhibited at SeoulTech's Museum of Art while 40 digital images of works produced by SeoulTech Students will be exhibited at the Red Wall Gallery, Lake Ontario Hall, in the Allendale campus.

A closing reception will be held on Wednesday, November 29th, 2017, from 2–3 pm. All are welcome.


Exhibition Supervisors: Professors Myung Ah Lee (SeoulTech) and Virginia Jenkins (GVSU)
Exhibition Curators: Professors Eunjoo Jeong (SeoulTech) and Hoon Lee (GVSU)
Posters Designs: Professors Jeongju Moon with Woohyuk Park (SeoulTech) and Vinicius Lima (GVSU)

SeoulTech Participating Students
Industrial Design: Daeseong Lee, Kyunghyun Kang, Jongyeon Chae, Junhye Heo, Youngwoo Kim, Hakdo Kim, Yeonjun Park, Jaemin Choi, Hwajon Lee, Gayoen Lee
Visual Communication Design: Hwara Jo, Raehyeon Kim, Jinam Lee, Chaeri Mun, Seoyeon Yoo, Suyeon Yoo, Naeun Han, Yeonju Heo
Ceramic Art & Design: Sangmin Choi, Sehun Hwang, Heyjeong Jiang, Hyerin Jin, Yejin Jang, Sunyeong Choi, Seokhee Lee, Yeongeun Choi
Metal Art & Design: Sangwook Park, Jungjoo Park, Jiyeon Kim, Yujin Dong, Sinhye An, Sangmi Han, Jieun Kim, Soyeong Jang
Fine Arts: Nau Kim, Duhyung Kim, Sanggyun Lee, Seunghul Lee, Yejin Jeon, Geonho Lee, Seunga Baek, Jeonghun Jang

Grand Valley State University Participating Students
Ceramics: Andrea Burns, Wansoo Kim, Gina Pisto, Chelsey Sall, Betsy Vollmar
Graphic Design:  Nicholas Ciliak, David Shankin, Carissa Storms, Breanna Tanner, Jordinn West
Illustration:  Taylor Gavin, Alex Nowak, Donja Gorter, Rhiannan Sibbald, Joshua Morris
Jewelry & Metals: Lisa Castro, Emily Karsten, Anna Petlick, Linnea Songer, Jillian Thompson
Painting:  Catie Brandt, Danielle Marwede, Charles Boswell, Abbie Wiles
Printmaking:  Jane Dandron, Kristina Petrash, Alyssa Roach, Jordan Szala, Annie Teall
Sculpture:  Katelyn Venema, Kristina Petrash, Lindsey Luginbill, Lisa Castro
Visual Studies: Megan Galvin, TJ Mathieu, Kristin Mayer, Aly Phillips, Jack Powers

GVSU Art Gallery Staff
Director of Galleries and Collections: Henry Matthews
Assistant Director of Galleries and Collections: Nathan Kemler
Curator of Exhibitions: Joel Zwart
Project Manager: Allison Christensen
Programs Manager: Stacey Burns
Preparators: Dru King and Katie Pershon
Assistant: Jennifer Eckert
Secretary: Colleen Bazuin 


For more information, please contact:

Professor Hoon Lee


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