Lecture by Carrie Yamaoka, Visiting Artist in Visual and Media Arts

Carrie Yamaoka - Crawl/Bend | 2007/2015 | Urethane Resin and Mixed Media on Reflective Mylar | 29" x 41" x 10"

Date and Time

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 11:30 AM


Calder Art Center


Visiting artist Carrie Yamaoka will be giving a lecture at 11:30 am, next week Wednesday. February 14th in the Printmaking room, 1208 CAC.  

Carrie Yamaoka is a New York-based visual artist(working in the expanded field of painting. Working with(a reflective ground and a wide gamut of painting and sculptural materials, she navigates chance and intention to arrive at a body of work that questions point of view, authorship and how we make pictures from what we see. Yamaoka has shown widely since the 1980s in the US and Europe, most recently in Greater New York at MOMA/ PS1.



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