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This application is only for students who wish to pursue an Art Education Degree.
Do not apply if you are seeking a degree in Studio Art, Art History, Film & Video Production, Photography.

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Indicate if you are either currently enrolled in or have previously completed any of the Foundations classes, or have taken any other Department of Visual and Media Arts classes. Indicate the course, semester and year that you were enrolled, and the instructor for the course. Please also list any additional art classes in the text area below.

Step 4 of 5: Submit Your Portfolio

Use your portfolio to present depth within one particular direction or a diverse range of media, abilities, and interests. Your portfolio should include 8-12 pieces of artwork that best represents you as an artist. Areas of Visual and Media Arts that could be included are:

  • drawing
  • sculpture
  • metalsmithing 
  • ceramics
  • printmaking
  • illustration
  • graphic design
  • painting
  • digital media
  • visual studies 

We strongly prefer seeing drawings from life as opposed to copies from photographs. You may include work done in summer and Saturday workshops and classes as well as personal work done without supervision. One of the pieces may be a sketchbook that contains drawings you created for fun, works used to generate ideas or studies of objects and people.

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