VMA Visitor Searches 2023

These searches for Visiting Faculty in the Department of Visual and Media Arts at Grand Valley State University have concluded as of June 16, 2023.

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Work Samples

Index of Applicant Interest/Proficiency

Please indicate teaching interests/proficiencies. Indicate level of proficiency (expert, competent, familiar, not familiar) in these learning and studio contexts. Please reference these in more detail in your letter of application. 

Graphic Design Foundations

Typography Foundations

User Interface Design, User Experience Research

Packaging Design


2D Design and Color


Introduction to Art (Art Appreciation)

Art Writing (Writing about Art and Artist Statements)

Career preparation for studio art: statements, resume, documentation of work, application for residencies and graduate school

Socially-engaged, spatially-situated, and public research practices for Civic Studio: art in public

Video, audio, and performance practices for Time Studio: art, video, sound, action

Installation, site-specificity, contextual practices for Space Studio: art, installation, environment, site

New media, interactive technologies, and internet works for Interactive Studio: art, interface, collaboration

Curatorial, presentational, and critical practices for Curatorial Studio: art, exhibitions, events

Digital and analog image making and display practices for Image Studio: art, production, meaning, display

Image Editing and Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,)

Digital Image Production and Presentation Technologies, (large format printing, vector-based drawing, projection, mounting/lamination, combined media)

DSLR Camera: Still


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