Non-Credit International Travel

The Padnos International Center’s mission supports meaningful international experiences for GVSU students. Because the mission of the university centers on degrees, the focus for PIC’s study abroad support is, logically, on for-credit international experiences that help students progress towards completion of their GVSU degrees.

While the staff of the PIC encourages international travel as an intrinsically valuable experience, and enthusiastically encourages students to pursue the high-impact learning experiences of volunteer service abroad, the office staff does NOT provide advising or other support for non-credit programs.

Scholarships and discount participation rates for GVSU students using affiliate provider programs are meant for full-time, for-credit study abroad participation only.

If you are interested in receiving credit for your experience, you may participate in an Independent Study. Contact the Padnos International Center for details. 

Page last modified May 22, 2014