November 2021 Monthly Recap

November 30, 2021

November 2021 Monthly Recap


  • NOVEMBER 8-10:
    • During the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge Awards Ceremony, Grand Valley State University was awarded a Gold Seal for Excellence in Student Voter Engagement, Best Campus Democratic Engagement Action Plan Award, for a 4 year public institution in Michigan. Also, Ottawa County Clerk Justin Roebuck won the Standout Local Election Official Award and student Samuel Jacobs won a Student Honor Roll Award. Visit the ALL IN website to learn more about the challenge or to watch the ceremony.
  • NOVEMBER 10:

    • GVSU Red Cross Club hosted a blood drive. There were 47 donors and 46 units collected, surpassing Red Cross Club’s goal of 37 units. The 46 units collected from this drive saved approximately 138 lives.  Check out the CSLC Blood Drive page for more information.

  • NOVEMBER 10-11

    • The 2021 Teach-In was well attended, with 592 attendees on Wednesday, virtually and in-person combined. Find out more at

  • NOVEMBER 12:

    • The Student Organization Review Board (SORB) approved the following organizations:

      • More Than a Meal: Service & Advocacy organization working alongside Meal on Wheels Western Michigan by providing volunteers, donations, and supplies. Members of More Than a Meal have the common goal of ending the fight against senior hunger.

      • Pickleball Club: Special Interest organization created to provide a friendly and fun environment where students can come together to play pickleball.

      • Baseball Analytics Club: Special Interest organization that works alongside the GVSU Baseball program in analyzing, collecting, and developing baseball data in order to provide a better understanding of the analytical side of baseball.

      • Lab Scientists: Academic & Professional organization working within the Medical Laboratory Science field to contribute to students’ career development as they are informed, educated, and prepared for the role of clinical laboratory scientist.

      • Lettuce Club: Special Interest organization that holds quarterly meetings dedicated to the Lettuce Games which bring students together to eat, grow, and dress lettuce for fun and laughs.

      • Indian Association: Cultural organization that will help and provide guidance to international students adapting to student life at Grand Valley State University. Members will promote Indian culture while developing intercultural relationships with other community groups.

      • Women in Medicine and Science: Academic & Professional organization dedicated to fostering an academic and social environment for women to network, fulfill service hours, and develop leadership skills that will help them in their futures as women in the medical field.

        Visit the Registered Student Organization Handbook for more information

  • NOVEMBER 19-20:

    • Dance Troupe put on their first live-audience show since fall semester of 2019. They raised $2,000 for North Star Reach, a non-profit organization. Check out the North Star Reach website for more info about the organization, and Dance Troupe on Lakerlink.

  • NOVEMBER 20:

    • The GVSU men’s cross country team finished as the NCAA DII Cross Country National Champions (2021), and the women’s team was awarded the title of NCAA DII Cross Country Runner-Up (2021). Click here for the full article.

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