Blood Drives

Versiti Blood Center of Michigan Drives

Versiti Blood Center of Michigan Drives will be from 11:30 am - 5:30 pm and located in either Kirkhof Room 0072 or the Holten Hooker Multipurpose Room. Schedule a donation appointment with Versiti Blood Center of Michigan. 

Fall 2019 Dates

  • 09/16/19; Seidman Room 1008 (10:30 am - 1:00 pm)
  • 09/18/19; Kirkhof Room 0072
  • 9/19/19; Holton Hooker Multipurpose Room
  • 10/2/19; Kirkhof Room 0072
  • 10/3/19; Holton Hooker Multipurpose Room
  • 11/13/19; Kirkhof Room 0072
  • 11/14/19; Holton Hooker Multipurpose Room


Blood Graphic

American Red Cross Drives

American Red Cross Drives will be from 11:30 am - 5:30 pm and located in either Kirkhof Room 2204 or Kirkhof Room 2263. Schedule a donation appointment with the American Red Cross. 

Fall 2019 Dates

  • 9/26/19; Kirkhof Room 2263
  • 10/9/19; Kirkhof Room 2204 Pere Marquette
  • 11/19/19;  Kirkhof Room 2270

Grand Valley State University has developed partnerships with American Red Cross and Michigan Blood, newly named Versiti Blood Center of Michigan, to host blood drives at GVSU campus locations!

Student organizations hosting a blood drive are responsible for

  • Attending a pre-meeting with a representative one month prior to the blood drive
  • Promoting the drive
  • Encouraging potential blood donors to sign up for an appointment
  • Communicating with Michigan Blood or American Red Cross and the CSLC


If you would like to host a blood drive contact the Community Service Learning Center at