Division Committees

Student Affairs committee updates for 2024 - 2025 coming soon.

Division of Student Affairs committees are essential for division communication and collaboration around shared priorities. Committee members are often appointed based on department position and/or relevant expertise. Joining a committee can also be a space to connect to personal and professional goals.

Division Committee Descriptions

Division of Student Affairs Assessment Commitment

The Division of Student Affairs supports student learning, values continuous improvement, contributes to Higher Learning Commission accreditation standards, and makes decisions that support the University’s mission through thoughtfully planned data collection and assessment.

Committee Purpose

This committee will provide sustained leadership and direction for assessment and inquiry within the Division.  Furthermore, the committee structure will provide ongoing assessment support and advice for individual units within the Division of Student Services.


The Assessment Committee will meet three to four times per year as a full committee; or more frequently as University deadlines dictate.  Occasional communication may occur between meetings.

Committee Co-Chairs

Kate Harmon, Director of Recreation and Wellness


Committee Members

Committee members may change annually and are invited to participate based on assessment responsibilities within the department, as well as interest in and familiarity with student outcomes assessment..  Members must also be performing acceptably in current job roles and have the support of their supervisor.  Generally, the Committee will consist of 6 – 8 individuals.

An advisory body to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students regarding strategic planning of: co-curricular learning opportunities (i.e educational, social, recreational etc.) to actively engage students in the life of the University; support services that assist students to be successful in their academic and personal lives; and management of various environments at the University (i.e. living centers, apartments, dining areas, Kirkhof Center, Recreation Center).

The Division of Student Affairs Training and Development Committee works to identify roles and professional needs within the division and coordinates and delivers opportunities to address these needs. The NASPA Professional Competencies guide the content of intentional workshops, trainings, and roundtables that enhance relationships and support the shared responsibility for a division wide focus on student success.


  • Assist staff in the development of skills critical to their roles
  • Ensure staff are current on best practices and trends
  • Increase staff connection to resources
  • Create a sense of staff community
  • Develop future leaders for the Division of Student Affairs

Student Well-Being Steering Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Student Well-Being Collective is more than fixing well-being problems; it involves integrated, upstream, preventive, educational efforts to create a University environment that supports student wellness.  The purpose of the Student Well-Being Steering Committee is to provide support, advocacy, and enablement for Student Well-Being Collective initiatives. 


  • Commit to attending 1-3 meetings per year to review plans and reports from the Student Well-Being Collective.
  • Commit to reviewing materials before and after meetings.

Committee Chairs

Kate Harmon, Director of Recreation and Wellness

Michelle Rhodes, Associate Vice President for Financial Aid

Student Well-Being Steering Committee Members

  • The Steering Committee will not be hierarchal in nature and will come together in the spirit of shared responsibility in the effort to improve student well-being. 
  • Members will provide a means of authority and trust to represent and influence their respective division, departments, or organizations. 
  • Members will have a genuine interest in positively influencing student well-being

DSA Marketing Committee Scope

The purpose of the DSA Marketing Committee is to guide and assist in the implementation of marketing, branding, communication, and associated efforts within the Division, respecting that each department has its own identity and unique audiences, but assuring that each department’s efforts “add up to” a Division effort that accomplishes the objectives.

DSA Marketing Committee Lead

  • Megan Wierenga, Laker Events and Communications Manager

DSA Marketing Committee Members

  • Leah Erben (Office of Student Life)
  • Susan Sigler (Dean of Students Office)
  • Hunter Nemmers (Housing & Residence Life)
  • Mikaela Padgen (University Counseling Center)
  • Katie Feirer (RecWell)
  • Ben Witt (Office of Conduct and Conflict Resolution)
  • Daphnea Sutherland (Children's Enrichment Center)

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