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Vehicle Rental


  • Complete the Group Vehicle Rental Request 2022-2023 Funding Form (information on submitting a funding request can be found on the SOS webpage). This must be submitted at least 14 days before your trip departure date but it is recommended to submit as early as possible.  Please note that vehicles are not guaranteed and are based on availability with GVSU’s contracted vendor.  
    • When submitting the form, all drivers must be listed (name, gvsu email).  
    • Each driver must fill out the Student Life Driver Form.  Student Life will provide this information to GVPD to complete record checks and each driver.  Each driver will receive an email prompting them to submit additional information to finalize the process.
    • Note that out of state drivers will need to complete the driver record approval process for their home state which may take additional time.  
  • Every attendee who is traveling with the organization must submit a Behavioral Contract & Travel Release Statement in Forms on Lakerlink.
  • Travel Roster and Itinerary form must be completed to detail itinerary of trip plans and a full list of participants (noting any authorized drivers).
    • If organization is utilizing the Vehicle Rental Funding from Student Senate Appropriations, they do not need to complete the Travel Roster and Itinerary Form.

If you need to cancel your vehicle rental, please call the Office of Student Life at (616) 331-2345 at least 72 hours before your trip.

Events & Programming

How to Promote Your Event

Where do I start?

The Office of Student Life is here to make your event the best it can be! Your student organization's event can reach every corner of Laker Nation, and beyond, by using some of these methods to promote your event.

At least 4 weeks before your event

What can I do?

Do I have to pay?

Post the event on the LakerLink Events Calendar:

Add to the LakerLink Events Calendar with complete details (description, time, location, URL, contact info, graphics). Remember, the more information you fill out, the better your event will look!


Apply for funding through Student Senate:

Did you know that you can get funding to promote your event through the Student Life Fund? Funding must be requested from Student Senate at least 4 weeks in advance of planned promotion. Check the Student Organization Support website for guidelines and a walkthrough of the funding process.


Use the Promotions Office's design and print services:

Submit a service request for Promotions Office services. Standard packages require two weeks lead time.

Posters* - Can be put on Posting Boards around campus.

Pluggers* - great for handing to students on-the-go, or for tabling.

Banners* - hang in Kirkhof for the entire campus community to see.

Laker Hub* - get your message across campus on the GVSU cable network.

More - Shirts, tablecloths, stickers, and more can be ordered through Promo.

*Can be covered by funding from Student Senate

Yes, but many items can be covered by Student Senate funding.

Reserve tabling space:

Contact Event Services to make a reservation for tabling in Kirkhof no more than 30 days before your event and get some face time with potential event attendees!


3 weeks before your event:

What can I do?

Do I have to pay?

Share details with the Student Life Marketing team:

Fill out the “Promote Your Event” form about your event at least 2 weeks before you want us to start promoting. We need time to plan newsletter and social content.


Send an email blast:

If you have a list of email subscribers, send them an email about your event including the time and place.


Promote on social media:

Make an event on Facebook and let your followers know your plans! If you don’t spread the word, who will? Be sure to post a few times on all your social channels in the week or two leading up to your event and include the date, time and place in each post. To make your content more engaging add a picture, gif, or video.


1-2 weeks before your event:

What can I do?

Do I have to pay?

Chalking on campus:

Chalking is a great option for your event, check the Posting Guidelines to see where you can chalk on campus!


Share with faculty and staff:

Share your event with faculty and staff in related departments to your programming area to see if they’ll spread the word with their students.


Word of mouth:

Have your members invite their friends, speak to their classes, and talk to anyone who will listen about your organization's event!


Food Trucks

If student organizations would like to have food trucks at their events or on campus for fundraising, you must submit the food truck request form. If you have any questions, please reach out to RSO at [email protected].

Renewing Your Organization

Every Registered Student Organization is required to renew their organization each Winter semester with updated information and Executive Board positions for the upcoming Fall Semester. If you do not renew your organization you may lose the privileges associated with being an RSO including funding, room reservations, and hosting events.


5 Executive Board Members

*Write down the GVSU email address of each officer before you begin*


Vice President / Risk Manager

Financial Officer

Membership Officer

Full Time Faculty/Staff Advisor

A Complete Constitution

Fill out template entirely

Dissolution Clause: Designate a non-profit organization to receive leftover funds if your organization dissolves

Download the Template

Cell Phone Numbers

Cell Phone Numbers for Each Officer

Cell phone numbers will be requested for each of the four Executive Officer positions, please have this information ready before you start the renewal process.  Cell phone information will not be shared, and will only be used by The Office of Student Life for emergency situations or COVID-19 contact tracing purposes.  

How to Renew

*NOTE: Only the President and Faculty/Staff Advisor have access to renew an existing organization*

  1. Log in to LakerLink and click on the grid in the top-right corner. Change the view to "Manage.

  2. When the page reloads, click on your organization under "My Memberships". If you do NOT see your organization, email [email protected]

  3. Click on the blue button that says "Re-Register This Organization". If you DO NOT see this button, email [email protected]

  4. Complete the re-registration form

  5. When adding your Executive Board members, you have the choice to either select them from your current roster, or type in their email address (if they are a new member). It is CRUCIAL that you enter in the correct spelling of the member's email address when adding them to your Executive Board. Otherwise, your application will be delayed.

Monitor your email and LakerLink notifications regularly to get updates regarding your renewal status. 

Virtual Resources

Consider Moving Your Meetings and Business Online

Student organizations are encouraged to meet virtually for organizational business including programming, meetings, and other events.  If you to decide to host an in person event, a virtual option should still be available for members who do not feel comfortable meeting in person.  As you think about ways to continue to engage members consider the following ideas: this does not have to be a time where people are not in community together. Remember, social distancing does not mean social isolation. This site supports student organization leaders with resources and tips to manage student organizations virtually.

Organization Communication

There are multiple communication platforms/resources that student organization leaders may utilize.

LakerLink: LakerLink has a messaging system built in.  Tip: Ensure that all members have joined your organization's page.

GroupMe: GroupMe is a free phone app that can be used to message members and can be downloaded from the App Store.  Create an organization GroupMe chat by adding cell phone numbers for each organization member. Tip: Utilize a private google doc form to collect your member's cell phone numbers if needed. Email Account: Registered Student Organizations are eligible to setup an email account within GVSU's student domain ( This allows organizations to access features available to students such as unlimited Google Drive storage and GVSU's Zoom Business license (additional info under Virtual Meetings section below). Either an organization's President or Advisor must complete the request form. 

Request RSO Email Address

Virtual Meetings

Meet virtually for organizational business and to stay in contact with each other. Recommendations for free video conferencing software are found below:


Brief Details


All current term enrolled students and registered student organizations with an account are eligible to use the Zoom Business license. For more info, visit GVSU Zoom Business Plan page.

Google HangOut

Free (when using your account)

  • Text conversations can include up to 150 people.
  • Video calls can include up to 25 people

Microsoft Teams

Free (when using your account)

  • Online audio and video calls
  • Host online and video conferencing meetings for up to 250 people

Cisco Webex Meeting

Free Version:

  • Up to 100 participants in each video meeting
  • Meet as long as you want
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Call-in for audio


Free Version:

  • Up to 10 Participants over video
  • PINs Required
  • Maximum Conference Duration 45 mins


Free Version

Social Media

From Facebook to TikTok you can engage with members in a variety of ways, depending on the organization needs. Tip: Consider having members share updates, how they are spending time, what they are watching while they are not studying, pictures of pets, etc. 

Elections, Campaigning, Interviewing

Student Life recommends having a plan for elections and officer transitions in order to start out Fall 2020 strong.  Be proactive and hold elections now if possible.  The "Running Elections" student organization workshop is a helpful resource for organizational leaders who need tips on getting started.

Elections via LakerLink:

For your convenience, LakerLink has a built in election system! Follow your constitution's nomination/election process and use the following helpful links:

Creating an Organization Election

Viewing Election Results

Adding Images to Election Choices

Tip: Do a test run of your elections first to become familiar with the process and how results are shared.  

Campaign or Interviews

Student Life recommends that you schedule and host virtual campaigning or interviewing time for your candidates that are interested in positions. Accomplish this by utilizing any of the conference software listed above.  Tip: Utilize Facebook or YouTube to record campaign videos that could be messaged to the group if unable to host live interviews.

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