Renewing an Existing Organization

Every Registered Student Organization is required to renew their organization for each Fall and Winter semester with updated information and Executive Board positions. If you do not renew your organization you may lose the privileges associated with being an RSO including funding, room reservations, and hosting events.

What You Need

5 Executive Board Members

*Write down the GVSU email address of each officer before you begin*


Vice President / Risk Manager

Financial Officer

Membership Officer

Full Time Faculty/Staff Advisor


Fill out template entirely

Dissolution Clause: Designate a non-profit organization to receive leftover funds if your organization dissolves

Download the Template

How to Renew

*NOTE: Only the President and Faculty/Staff Advisor have access to renew an existing organization.*

  1. Log in to LakerLink and click on the three lines in the top-right corner. Click Organizations.

  2. Click Register an Organization and then search your organization. If you do NOT see your organization, email [email protected].

  3. Click on the blue button that says "Re-Register This Organization". If you DO NOT see this button, email [email protected]

  4. Complete the re-registration form

  5. When adding your Executive Board members, you have the choice to either select them from your current roster, or type in their email address (if they are a new member). It is CRUCIAL that you enter in the correct spelling of the member's email address when adding them to your Executive Board. Otherwise, your application will be delayed.

What to do Now?

Monitor your email and LakerLink notifications regularly to get updates regarding your renewal status. 

Page last modified April 15, 2024