Graduate Funding Board Overview


About the Graduate Funding Board

The Graduate Funding Board is designed to allocate funds to Graduate Student Organizations (GSO) for on campus programming and conference travel. Each GSO has one voting representative as a part of the Funding Board meetings to assist in making funding decisions. This support is made possible by the Student Life Fund and the process is guided by the Graduate Funding Board Bylaws.  This is one of several funding opportunities available to graduate students.

GSA Funding Request Overview

To read the GSA Funding Bylaws, click here.

How to Submit a Funding Request

Graduate organizations will use the "Graduate Orgs Conference Fees" or "Graduate Orgs Campus Programs" forms. The other forms are for undergraduate student organizations.

*Only the Financial Officer or President of an organization can access the forms to create a funding request.

Before submitting your funding request: Do your homework.

  1. Student Organizations and students are strongly advised to obtain documentation of relevant costs and deadlines. These documents are expected to be submitted at the time that the funding request is submitted via Laker Link.
  2. Consult GSA Funding Bylaws for information about what can and cannot be funded.
    • For conference travel requests: Verify registration deadlines and plan your request submission accordingly, and research and document hotel costs and travel costs.
    • For event requests: Consider and be prepared with documentation regarding the following:
      1. Food: Secure quotes from Laker Food Co. 
      2. Event promotion (design, printing, campus posting, and other promotional services): Secure quotes from the Promotions Office.
      3. Speakers and other contracts: Do not sign contracts. Request a quote and contact the Graduate School or GSA advisor regarding signing contracts. 
  3. Note: *GSA will not fund expenses that have already been paid for.*
  4. Submit request at least 7 days before a GSA Funding Board meeting.


When you are ready to submit your funding request (for Student Organizations) - updated 10/13/21

  1. When you are ready to submit your request: Log in to LakerLink
  2. Once you have signed in, click on the grid next to your icon.
  3. Click "Manage" in the pull-down menu.
  4. Under "My Memberships" on the Manage page, click the organization you are making the request for.
  5. On your organization's manage page, click on the three bars to display a pull out menu.
  6. Scroll down to "Finance".
  7. Click "Create New Request".
  8. Select which type of Funding Request you are making.
  9. Follow the steps of the form when prompted.
  10. Review the form and make sure that all required fields are completed for each section.
  11. Submit Request.


When you are ready to submit your funding request (for individual graduate students with no corresponding graduate student organization) - updated 10/13/22

  1. Log in to LakerLink
  2. Once you have signed in, click on your user icon.
  3. Scroll down on the pull-out menu and click "Submissions" 
  4. Click the "Budgeting" tab on the right side of the "My Submissions" page.
  5. Click "Create Request" (*select the form for graduate students)
  6. Follow the steps of the form when prompted.
  7. Review the form and make sure that all required fields are completed for each section.
  8. Submit Request.


Once you have submitted your funding request: 

  1. GSA Finance Officer will acknowledge the receipt of funding requests, review funding requests and may give recommendations, as needed, in a timely manner.
  2. GSA Finance Officer will call a monthly GSA Funding Board meeting to discuss approval of any proposed funding requests.
  3. The graduate RSO asking for funds will present their proposal at the GSA Funding Board Meeting. (See tips below to prepare for the Funding Board meeting and presentation.)
  4. GSA Funding Board Committee may ask questions and propose changes to the proposal(s), if needed. 
  5. Requests will be passed by a majority vote. 
  6. Requests will be approved on Laker Link by GSA Finance Officer after the vote.
  7. GSA Finance Officer will contact the Financial Officer or individual student approved for funding with the next steps, including an introduction to the Graduate School Professional Support Staff for processing. 
  8. Graduate RSO should choose one representative to discuss the details/logistics of receiving the funding with Graduate School Professional Support Staff.
  9. Graduate Student Organizations need to fill out an online event assessment form within 14 days after each specific program, event or conference. Event and travel assessment forms can be found on the LakerLink profile of GSA under forms.


Preparing for the Funding Board Meeting


During the GSA Funding Board meeting, you will most likely be asked the following questions (that relate to your request). Please review them below and be prepared to answer them.



  • How will this event benefit Grand Valley State University and the Graduate Student community?
  • Has your organization done any fundraising?
  • What funds are your organization paying for?
  • Do you have a set number of participants that want to attend?
  • Why is this event so important to your organization to get funding?
  • Has the GSA Funding Board funded this event in the past?
    • If so, how much did we fund?
    • If not, why did we deny the request?



  • How does this conference relate to your graduate field of study?
  • How will your RSO (if applicable) benefit from your attendance at this conference?
  • How will the GVSU Graduate Student community benefit from your attendance at this conference?

Additional Resources

Visit LakerLink or the Registered Student Organization Handbook for additional information or to access any forms, such as rental/travel forms, event assessment forms, or reimbursement forms

Contact Laker Food Co. for Student Organization Menu.

Food Waiver

Contact the GSA Finance Officer at [email protected] for additional funding information or questions.

Page last modified November 10, 2022