Production Support Resources Policies

In order to use PSR services, students must read and abide by the policies listed below.

  1. Equipment is to be used for class projects ONLY. Otherwise, special permission must be obtained and a rental fee will be assessed. If you are found using it for other purposes your privileges may be revoked. 

  2. Equipment/Rooms may only be reserved for up to 1 week in advance.

  3. Equipment reservations may NOT be made over the phone, only in person. Room reservations MAY be made over the phone.

  4. Once you have signed the reservation sheet you are liable for any/all late fees. Be sure you understand when you are expected to return the equipment. Try to return it as early as possible, as equipment is limited. A late fee will be assigned at a rate of $10.00 per day, per reservation.

  5. Any equipment brought back damaged or found to be missing may result in a replacement fee. 

  6. Until a fee is paid in full, the student will not be allowed to make any reservations (equipment or room). After two late fees, the student’s access to equipment will be reviewed. Any fees not paid by the end of the semester roll over into the following semester and privileges will still be withheld at that time until payment is received. 

  7. Equipment may be checked out in the following fashions:

    • For the day: Period of time during the Productions Support Resources' regular operating hours.

    • Overnight: Period of time, usually from late in the day until early the following day. It also applies to the period of Friday to Monday for Film/Video students.

    • Two Days: Applies only to photography students who may check out equipment for UP TO 48 hours. For the weekend, use from: Thursday to Monday or Friday to Tuesday.

    • Extended: Period of time longer than overnight. All extended checkouts must be approved by Scott Vanderberg, Jason Rutter, or Jim Schaub.

    • No extensions during the last three weeks of the semester. No exceptions.

  8. Students must have a minimum time period of 24 hours between equipment reservations. (i.e. no returning equipment and rechecking it out immediately or reserving again for that day).

  9. Anyone who has equipment reserved must pick it up within ONE HOUR of the time of reservation, or inform us otherwise, or they will forfeit that reservation. Equipment that has exceeded the “one-hour” time limit may be checked out by someone else.

  10. The student is responsible for reporting all missing or faulty equipment. They are also responsible for all lost and damaged equipment. (Check all equipment before signing the reservation sheet. The student is responsible for all equipment, even if it was broken or missing when it was given to them).

  11. Return equipment exactly the way it was given to you. All cables should be coiled properly and secured with the given strap. Each individual item should be given to the employee. DO NOT return the cases with microphones/cables/batteries etc. still inside.

  12. All equipment reserved by a student should be picked up at the same time and returned at the same time. 

  13. Group Projects: Only one person from the group should reserve equipment for the project. All equipment should be picked up at the same time, and returned at the same time.

  14. Lockers for photo students in the basement of LSH are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and MUST be signed out in the Production Support Resources room. Students are to empty their lockers by the posted dates or risk losing the contents. Students are to supply their own locks. Any locks on a locker that has not been signed out may be cut off at any time. A student must physically have their lock with them at the time they wish to sign out a locker or they will be turned down.

  15. Time spent in all video edit suites and computer photo rooms should be limited to 4 hours per person per day, and 8 hours a week.

  16. Anyone who does not show up for their reserved lab time, and does not inform us otherwise, within 30 minutes of their reservation, will forfeit that reservation, and that time may be given to another student. If someone unauthorized is using someone else’s lab time, the person who has the original reservation has the authority to ask that person to vacate that room unless the “30-minute forfeit” time has been exceeded.

  17. Students leaving rooms for any reason during their scheduled times must leave the key with the Production Support Resources worker.

  18. Food and drinks are not allowed in ANY of the rooms in the basement of LSH or upper edit suites. Violations may result in loss of privileges.

  19. Report any missing or non-functional lab equipment to the Production Support Resources staff.