The GVSU School of Communications presents the 2023 James W. Carey Memorial Lecture featuring Dr. Ted Striphas

Wednesday, September 27th at 7:00 pm

Loosemore Auditorium
Pew Campus, Grand Rapids

No registration is needed for this in-person event. 

Dr. Striphas will take questions following the lecture. 

Algorithmic Culture: A (Media-Archaeological) Context for Keywords

The School of Communications is proud to announce our plan for the 2023 Carey lecture. This year, the speaker will be Dr. Ted Striphas, an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr. Striphas studies the history, culture and politics of technology, focusing on the relationship between emergent technologies and patterns of social and linguistic change. He is a regular source for and contributor to local, national and international news media. His appearances include the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Los Angeles TimesThe New York TimesTimes Higher Education Supplement and The Washington Post. Twitter: @striphas.

Keywords is a well-established method for studying the relationship between words and social, cultural, and technological change—almost too well-established, in that it seems to have transformed from a contextually-specific approach to one applicable to any and all languages, time periods, and media. In this talk, Striphas reflects on his recent book, Algorithmic Culture Before the Internet, with respect to the methodological challenges of studying keywords beyond the typical confines of public transcripts and print culture. 

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Author - Dr. Ted Striphas

Author's Book entitled Algorithmic Culture Before the Internet

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