In 1988 the National Office of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics ( approved the current charter of The Great Lakes Section.  SIAM-GLS is built on a charter with a rather unique feature that a representative from industry and a representative from academe share the office of the President.  The Section serves Michigan, Northern Ohio, Northern Indiana, Southern Ontario, and the surrounding areas. About 17% of the Section members work either in industry or in government; about 83% belong to academic staffs or are students.

Since its inception in 1988, SIAM-GLS has organized annual research conferences around themes reflecting its members' evolving interests within applied mathematics.  Topical disciplines have included Computer Aided Design, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Solutions of PDEs, Complex Systems, and Bio-Mathematics. Since 2008, SIAM-GLS annual conferences have included at least one invited presentation on finite elements methods for multiscale PDEs.  This is the first time the entire annual conference has been devoted to modeling and simulation of multiscale phenomena with PDEs in computational science and engineering.  

To learn more about the Great Lakes Section of SIAM and its past several conferences please visit the Section’s website:  or


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