Grand Welcome! to SIAM-GLS 2015

THANK YOU! for participating in the 2015 Annual Conference of the Great Lakes Section of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics on Multiscale Modeling with PDEs in Computational Science and Engineering: Algorithms, Simulations, Analysis and Applications.


Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics - Great Lakes Section

Very successful:

This intensive meeting has now ended. The feedback we received confirms that the Conference has been a great success. A success not ONLY because we received funding support from generous first-rate sponsors, not ONLY because we drew participation from five countries and thirteen states, not ONLY because we featured keynote presentations by world-leading scientists, not ONLY because we had very many interesting thematic sessions and events, and not ONLY because we managed to adopt precisely the conference plan we had devised earlier --Very successful because we have been able to put this newly emerging and highly intellectual field as a high priority on the regional agenda and beyond. To our knowledge, this is the first conference that comes to Michigan on a topic that the USA Presidential PITAC Report considers to be vital for economic and scientific leadership in the 21st century. It certainly was a first for GVSU and the region. We hope that this conference has provided a medium by way of which we all truly engage on the road to explore the challenges and potential benefits of computational science and engineering as well as learn how this new highly interdisciplinary field could be nurtured within academia, industry, and R&D centers in our region and beyond to meet 21st century imperatives.  

Conference Videos & Photo Album

 Conference photo album
Video recordings of keynote

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Held on Saturday, May 2, 2015, 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.


Conference Venue and Location
Grand Valley State University - Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus
301 Fulton Street West
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-6435
(Campus Maps and Directions)                  (Parking & Check-in Locations)

Contact Information:
Professor Salim M. Haidar, Conference Chair
[email protected]
Office: (616) 331-2042   Fax: (616) 331-3120

GVSU Pew Campus
GVSU Pew Campus
GVSU Pew Campus

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